the magic of new bed night.

That's what we call the night when the sheets have had their freshest of baths (I wash our white sheets with a cup of bleach and a cup of vinegar and nothing else. As per Laurie's recommendation and so far, so good.). New bed night. Because it just feels that way, all brand new. Our bed has been referred to as a spa, I kid you not (and that was prior to the white sheets, imagine it now Steph!!). We have several tricks up our sleeves including but not limited too...
1//Lavender Essential Oil. I figure this is the top most important item in new bed night. I put a drop or two on each pillow before putting the pillowcase back on. I also have a lavender spray that I use all over all the sheets before putting the duvet on (I also spray down each kid's bed as well on their new bed night). 2//See also our new diffuser, who's sole purpose is diffusing lavender for our breathing and sleeping pleasure. 3//These brand spanking new white sheets Matt got me for my birthday that just add a whole new level to our new bed night game. 4//A sound machine. Ours is ancient, as in over ten years old, but here is a similar one. We cannot and do not sleep without it. Rainforest baby, ftw. Also we never turn our ceiling fan off. Something about moving air just helps with everything, we have found. 5//These! I've been on a kick lately about neutralizing the colors in our home. Mentally anyways, I haven't jumped the gun and started painting anything. Yet. These just fit the bill though for our room! I may just never leave. Ever.

What about you? Have any great tips to make your bed like the best place to be, ever?



  1. i love my white sheet set! i wash mine on hot hot hot with just detergent and an Oxy tab. then replace every 12 months :) boom. but the lavender really does something extra. thanks for reminding me to get back on that game. and my diffuser. i'd put by my bed if jack didn't chew the cord haha.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. yay yay glad you're enjoying white sheets!!!! and LAVENDER!! always. always!!

  3. I need to try that white sheet trick. I have a couple of duvets from IKEA (Cheap and so soft) and HIGH thread count white sheets and the dog just looks at the bed and it's covered in dirt, hair, and God only knows what else.
    Needless to say, I alternate with brown sheets.
    I never turn my fan off either. I'm always amazed at how much dust accumulates when it's always moving.

    Great tips!

  4. Hey we have that duvet in tan! I love the way neutral/white looks in rooms. My house would have a long way to go to get there!


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