so what's new with you?

Pull up your seat, bring your own coffee of course, maybe spike it with something to help get you through the day because here we are... another round of coffee talk, the emotional edition. 
If you've been around here in the past say... month or so, you may know that I've been a bit of an emotional wreck regarding the return of school. The start of public school, as it were. I won't go in to it too much but what has been new with me as of late is basically all encompassed by one word: school. I drop her off and I clock watch until it's time for me to go and get her. I'm trying to keep myself occupied as best I can and I'm sure in a week I'll be used to the new normal... Right?

We have also been (okay not we, just me) obsessive about enjoying every last stitch of summer weather. I don't want to miss a thing and while that statement makes me think about my least favorite song of all time and beyond, ugh, it's true in this regard. The kids seem to be sort of over the pool which I think happens but I'm pushing them to use it because before they know it, poof!

I can sense you fall, just around the corner, and there are so many wonderful things coming along with that. If I can get past these next two weeks I'm gonna PSL the dickins out of my life. I normally have the house fully decorated by today if not sooner and can you believe it, I haven't started yet?! Maybe I'll remedy that this afternoon... who's to say?

Speaking of fall, WHAT will my children be for Halloween? I would love for them to match, or be in a group type situation... but the bigger kids want to go their own way this year and I'm not having much luck reigning them in. Does anyone have any super fun ideas for a sister and her two brothers? 

I got this choker (thank you Cartwheel for the 20% off) the other week and had Matt do a little surgery on it to remove the gemstone for me... and while I feel a bit odd wearing it as a thirty-three year old I sort of love it too. Thoughts on a thirty-something wearing this trend? No?

A friend of mine just had a little baby boy bundle of joy and now that the kids are off in school (well almost, David starts in like a week and half) I'm going to finally run up there to meet him and snuggle him and I may just never give him back. I got him this outfit because I am just lamenting the days when I could put Dom in patterned leggings. Lamenting them hard. And see also because they are Cat & Jack.

And okay so. I'm sure a lot of you have seen and can relate to this. Which is just YouTube gold if you ask me. I've spent far too much time watching his videos and telling everyone I know who has ears about them. See also this guy. Brittany shared this Instagram genius and I'm obsessed with him. I find him hysterical. Also I sort of love his life in a oh if I never wanted to have a family kind of way. If that's your thing, which clearly as I would give anything to join my daughter in kindergarten, it is not mine. Chances are if you have seen me in the past few weeks I have showed you this video in particular. Or this one. I need therapy.

Anyways I'll just be here waiting till 2:05 comes around and I can go get my daughter and hug her tight and never let her go... 

Oh and by the way, happy September!

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