our labor day

Yup. Finally getting around to Labor Day. Weeks later. 

We had another Trovato Pool Day to start it off right. We tried to keep the fare slightly lighter so we would have room left over for dinner at my parent's house. The kids swam and the kids bounced and the kids napped. Matt started up a final summer fire and roasted some final summer smores. Fall smores are a thing, I'm sure, but these were the final summer ones. 

Once the younger bunch woke up we headed over to my parent's so more wine and more food and Letty took the camera and made herself quite useful. That photo of Colton may be my new favorite one of him, ever. The night ended like most nights these days, to bed strictly at 7:15 p.m... School night, after all. 
Last year's Labor Day here!



  1. all the babes in their flag shirts. it doesn't get much cuter. what a fun holiday! the perfect way to end summer :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. I love that Letty likes to take pictures! Maybe it will turn into a real hobby for her

  3. So nice that Letty can be your camera lady =) And at the end of this post the thing I took away was...yum I want some bread. We ran out today and I must be having withdrawal pains, that and I really hate heartburn. I feel like bread is the only thing that doesn't give me it.

  4. Your pool days always look like so much fun! Give me all the s’mores!! I love how close your family is. Reminds me of mine!

  5. Wow summer seems so long ago! Although it's weird bc it feels like summer this week!


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