my fall bucket list!

I start plotting my fall to-do list say... in the middle of August. It helps me stay organized. Some things I've been doing for years and years and others may be new to us. This year will look a little different as I'll be down one child during the week so she may miss out on some things (but oh what she is gaining!). But! My list!
- Take the kids to their first high school football game. We are not a sports family, Matt and I, but our town is sort of nuts about their football. Go Barons! haha
- Whoopie Pie Festival again. The last time we tried this my camera went a bit nuts and then so did I so I don't remember much about it.... Second time's a charm?
- Fall Fests upon Fall Fests... SKH's of course is a must, but there are few more that my sister-in-law has found for us.
- Lake Tobias. I've always wanted to go but have never been... and this was one item we just didn't get done this summer.
- Pick apples! Many times! Make stuff with said apples!
- My niece's second birthday party! Already! Seems like just yesterday we were celebrating her first!
- Oregon Dairy Pumpkin Picking Days. This year I may even splurge and let the kids shoot off their very own pumpkin.
- Pumpkin picking! I'm sure Matt will be just thrilled with all the pumpkins that I'll have littered around but I just love it!
- Get an updated family photo somewhere... sometime...
- Our annual Gettysburg day trip! This actually I lucked out on because Letty has a random day off during the week in October so yay! Weather please cooperate!
- Stove top potpourri. It's amazing. My diffuser was supposed to be used to replace this but Matt's taken it upstairs for his lavender infusion every evening so... Yeah.
- Did I mention we are cruising this fall??? No? Not lately? Well we are. While not very fall-like it sure is awesome-like.
- Hersheypark in the Dark. I haven't gone to this since I was pregnant with David so I'm really excited for the kids to get to experience this a few times.
- Take the kids to this rail trail again for a bike ride. A few times.
- Trick or Treating, naturally.
- An alpaca open house? Yeah I know, but it sounds like it could be fun!
- Movies movies movies. Casper and Hocus Pocus and of course my favorite, You've Got Mail!
- Corn Cob Acres is back on the list because we found a killer coupon and basically had to go. It would have been a sin not too!
- Figure out what the kids will be for Halloween.... purchase said costumes and take their photo.
- Celebrate our tenth anniversary. I can't believe we got married a decade ago but there you have it. We did. Who knows how we will celebrate but I'm sure we will think of something...
- Head back up to Governor Dick and see the foliage. Lots of foliage peepage all around actually.
- There are a ton of school events sprinkled all over my calendar... Math Nights and Rollerskating Parties and Book Fairs... All new to me!

It's the kick off to my busy season! And I love it! 

So what about you? What's on your fall bucket list?