letty's first race!

Letty has been asking to join me on a 5k for awhile now... I never agreed to it because I didn't know how she would do or if she would complain the entire time? I like my races whine-free. One day she came home from school with a sign up for a Run for Fitness, where the kindergartners from across the district would run a quarter of a mile (the bigger kids run longer distances). I instantly signed her up. This was perfect! Free and short and with her little friends. A great toe dip into the great wide world of running! 

The day before the race a few moms from the neighborhood and I (never thought I would type that, literally never) took them to the track to do a practice lap and wow.... Letty is speeeeedy. Maybe she has inherited her father's affinity to track and field? Who knows.

So the day of brought rain. Not a drenching rain, thankfully. The boys, Matt, my dad, Lena and my sister all stood at the foot of the bleachers to cheer her on. The kindergarten girls went first. We saw a girl gain the lead before the first bend in the track and we were like... is that Letty? Nah... Can't be Letty. Is it? By the time she was on the second bend I was pretty sure she was making the older Cross Country student run faster than she intended and we were pretty certain that that was in fact Letty. She WON! So stinking proud of that girl it's borderline silly. She couldn't stop smiling and showing off her first place ribbon.
I know that this is such a little thing in the scheme of very big things in life, but we are parents and so we are supposed to beam with pride, small or no. I'm just so glad that she tried her very best and on top of that had fun. To win is just icing on the cake.

And now we get to go to the county championship race this very weekend where she will run against the top five kindergarten girls from each district. Lace up, little one.