lake tobias

Visiting Lake Tobias was one item on my summer bucket list that we just never quite got around too. Thankfully a few Saturdays ago we remedied that situation. There is a lake there, sure, but the main draw are the animals. It's a wildlife preserve. And not just North American animals like one might think, but lions and tigers and bears, oh my! They offer a Safari Tour which we took, where we were able to touch (if you wanted) all sorts of creatures! Bison and ostriches, longhorns and reindeer and antelopes, all sorts! Just roaming free within the preserve. 
Afterwards we wandered around the different animal exhibits checking things out. The petting zoo gave me anxiety because Dom is a bit of a bull himself and I was afraid he would get kicked in the face by an injured goat. And there was an awfully lot of poop all over the ground and like I said.... Dom is just my trouble child. 
The reptile exhibit was pretty cool, lots of big snakes in safe glass rooms. We got to pet an alligator and a snake if we wanted too, which of course the boys wanted to do a lot of. David took some cajoling though but it became his most favorite, that he petted a snake.
Because this day happened to be Founder's Day they were doing free face painting so of course Letty participated in that... And then we ate lunch to the lovely sound of Dominic's theatrics because I wouldn't let him on the playset. Soon to be followed by David's theatrics because I made him go to the bathroom after he said he had to use the bathroom. I am just the worst sort of mommy. The icing on the proverbial cake was Letteria's constant attitude-filled tone of voice. I left defeated. Why I bother sometimes, you know? What could have been a lovely day... tainted by their bad behavior. Yet I saunter on...
Back to school is hard.



  1. We love lake Tobias! We r going to a bday party there next month. 'Why do I even bother sometimes?!' I am so glad I'm not the only one who wonders that. Lol.

  2. seriously you wouldn't have known it wasn't picture perfect with the photos! i think it's good to show the real. the 'tude. oh letty. oh and i love that photo of your momma and david - his face is just so excited!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Sounds like a good time! Except for the double theatrics lol

  4. Children are such a-holes sometimes. Is that a little moose being fed the carrot? The baby gator is so cute =) Aria came into the bedroom when her light turned green and was like I have to potty. So I said go ahead while I forced myself out of bed. I turn my light on and she is just standing in the doorway...I was like I thought you had to pee? She changed her mind. It's either have to pee or you don't!

  5. You guys go to the coolest places! I want to go here! Great pictures, as always. This would be a little slice of heaven for Mason!

  6. This has been on my bucket list too! Maybe next summer. Sorry they happens! Kids these days...don't they know how good they have it?! ;) (mine included)


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