i finally decorated for fall

Normally I am chomping at the bit to get my fall decorations out. I wave my holiday decoration freak flag proudly. I love it. And fall just starts off the best time of the year in my opinion. I've been dragging my heals a bit this year though because of school and my feelings surrounding that (I think that's why, but who knows?) and so I've been later to the game. As in I actually waited till September to do it. A few days in to September actually. Oh the horror!

You may notice there are no photos of our dining room decor and that is because I simply decided to redo the entire room. Literally. Removed everything from the walls, filled every hole, moved things to storage that I wasn't really feeling, painted the entire thing. You name it. So that will come later when I show off that room. WWJGD? What Would Joanna Gaines Do???? 
You guys all decorated for fall/halloween/thanksgiving yet? Am I the only crazy?