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hersheypark on a holiday weekend


If you include Friday as part of the holiday weekend, which I do because Letty was off school (yayyyy!!!). Matt was not off, but the kids and I tagged along with my sister and her family for a quick jaunt around Hersheypark. We got there at the start of the extra hour for us lucky season pass holders and went on all the rides around the carousel, with Colton of course taking Letty on one of the few roller coasters she's tall enough for. It's great having fun aunts and uncles to do these things with isn't it?? Lucky little lady! They also took the boys on a few rides so I could take Letty on the Super Dooper Looper, another favorite coaster of hers. All the rides that make me want to barf their aunt took them on. Or when I had to quickly whisk David out of the line because he was sure he really had to pee this time they stayed with the other two. We are so lucky to have them! They save the day!

And then we left before it got too crowded and the kids ate their lunch in the car... Another successful morning in the park! It's the last time we can make it during the week... weekends only from here on out. I know you're excited. Laur... how many times can we see photos of your kids on the green dino ride?? We get it... They like that ride. Sorry, it's still happening.



  1. My kids would want to be here all the time too! What kid wouldn't? I wish we had something like this for kids near us, I think I say that everywhere we live. HA!

  2. love that you guys got in early! and all the fun was had. letty is a little daredevil for sure. the super duper looper is a fav though! is the park closing now bc of holiday? i felt like it closed at labor day. i could have a bad memory though ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Letty was off on Friday? And Monday? Okay, now I am totally jealous. Texas needs to catch up and get on board! Ha. What a fun visit to Hersey Park!

  4. Yeah I'm not so sure we will get to the park in September since we will be away for two of the weekends! May have to go during the Halloween in the park next month! Seeing the pic of the kids on the swing reminds me of Friday when Sydney rode it for the first time now that she's tall enough...well, it included her licking and sucking on the handle part...whose kid is she?! DISGUSTING! May explain the horrible cold she has right now. Sigh.

  5. Oh and I love Letty's dress...adorable!

  6. i love how much fun you guys all have together!! such a fun fam!!! and those kiddos all together are going to grow up so close!!!!


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