from picture frame to farmhouse chalkboard sign

One of the things I think every "farmhouse" style room needs is some kind of chalkboard. I personally think any room needs a chalkboard. I have oh....five or six chalkboards I've made lying around. They are my favorite. So. We are almost near the end of finishing up our dining room (which is a joke really because a room is never truly "done" is it?) and the room needed a chalkboard sign. I didn't want to spend money on it though. So I started searching through old frames I have lying around in the basement or under beds and in closets. I do actually have quite a few. This one didn't have glass so it obviously couldn't do much in the photo sense. It was the perfect size but definitely not the perfect frame style.
I started my spray paint addiction that day.

I took the backing off and spray painted the entire frame white. Just your average plain Jane white. While that was drying I went back inside and started painting the backing with my chalkboard paint. It was a good strong cardboard back and I knew it would work perfectly. I did a total of three coats on that, switching the direction of my brush strokes with each coat. 
Once the frame was dry I used a rag and our scratch cover from Old English for dark woods (that I literally use on everything) and I lightly rubbed down the entire frame, wiping off as much as I thought I wanted. Just enough to make it look more off white than stark white. I left more on the frame around the edges and the corners to give it a more naturally aged look.
Once it was dry I hung it up. Three days later I "primed" the board which basically means covering the entire thing in chalk, using the length of a stick of chalk. Then erase that before writing. 
I used this same spray paint and scratch cover routine on any number of things after this. Urns. Picture frames. The little pot that those Ikea plants come in.... Oh yeah. If it isn't nailed down I'm pretty sure I considered painting it.

Still might, come to think of it.



  1. haha what a fun project! you're so crafty it kills me. i like how it's not perfect white either. i have never chalkboard anything in my life but i am here for it. i cannot wait to see dining room!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. you should try spray painting something that is nailed down and let me know how it goes. i have never spray painted anything, and there are a couple of things i want to do because i saw them on pinterest.... but they *might* be things that are nailed down.

    this is seriously so fancy and creative! love it. i have zero chalkboards in my house. love the look of them, but my handwriting is AWFUL and KC would just draw inappropriate things on it.

  3. Yes, yes, yes! This turned out so great! And you already know I am a fan of your chalk art abilities!!

  4. Look at you, all resourceful and crap! You're good! I have not one chalkboard in my house. I have painted many of things with chalkboard paint because it is just the best, but I have yet to use it for its intended purpose!

  5. flawlessly done, my friend!!!!

  6. Love it! I need to work on my calligraphy...

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