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david's first foray into school


David was so so so excited to go to school. He learned the name of it. He learned his teacher's names. He had it all figured out what he would do or say if someone took his toys (the things that matter, of course). All of this until one day, about a week before his "Meet the Teacher" morning, he wasn't so excited anymore. He would start to cover his face when asked about it. He wouldn't answer me when I asked him what his teacher's names were. It was so odd. But the day came as days do, and after a few stomach related set backs we threw the backpack on him and off we went to check out his classroom...Which look at that face! So excited!
We got to the school and walked into the lobby where he got to vote for his top three name choices for the school's fish, I personally think Pout Pout was the cutest choice. Then we went into his room and met his teachers, giving them their little gift (hand sanitizer with a note that said I'm in good hands with you). He signed in and dropped off his book bag and did a scavenger hunt. We checked out the bathrooms and basically just got ourselves comfortable with the whole place. I learned the whole drop off/pick up procedure which is quite different than what we've been used to... He also got homework! An "About Me" poster that was actually more work for me and like... five minutes of coloring for him...

Then comes his actual first day of preschool! He didn't seem to be as nervous this time, but he was hung up on the whole "going all alone" thing. Thankfully we learned a kid in his class has the name Liam, and while David was disappointed to learn this was not his Liam, it did make him really happy that maybe this Liam would be his new friend too. Because, there's only one Liam Hugh Fitzgerald!!! Anyways so we took him to school and waited in a line outside till they opened the school doors which was sort of eh... then we walked him up to his room and he ran right in and hung up his backpack and gave me a quick hug and was off!
Before I knew it I was coming back to the school and standing in the hallway for them to be dismissed. Two and a half hours can go by so fast thankfully. He came running out all smiles and greeted me with a hug saying it was AWESOME! And then he never stopped talking. I heard almost every little detail which makes my heart so happy because Letty never gave me that. I know what letter he sat on for story time (J, in case you were curious), I know he washed his hands after he used the bathroom, I know that he had chocolate chip cookies for snack (figures), I know that the new Liam smiled at him but didn't really talk to him. And I know that this school thing is going to be so good for him! Oh the places he'll go!!!



  1. seriously the cutest post ever about the sweetest boy ever! he's just adorable. and i knew he'd do so well! he's the smartest little thing. tell him aunt kerri is proud!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. oh i hope new Liam talks to him soon :) i love all of the info he gave you. and pout pout is an adorable name for a fish. he looks super happy in all the pictures :) my friend's kid started preschool this year and he was crazy excited too, until the day of and we cried like uncontrollably and wouldn't calm down. she said he was super happy and didn't want to leave when she came to pick him up though haha

  3. Oh that little boy is just the sweetest. I'm so glad that he loves it and that he is sharing with you. He's really just the cutest sweetest thing! xo B

  4. ahhh, big boy!!! school all by himself!! i am glad it was only 2.5 hours, whew. but i know he will have so much fun this year!! and look at you, beautiful mama!! sending your babies off to learn and grow!!!! coffee cheers!!! wine cheers later. :) :) :)

  5. Oh those first few days, two and a half hours feels like a lifetime. Or at least it did for me. Even now, I can't wait to get Pierce. I love hearing about his day, and then Ace coming home and telling me all the little things I doubt anyone else noticed during the day. These little people are just amazing.

  6. That's awesome that he is having a good time! He sure looks happy!

  7. Aw!!! He's adorable! I'm so glad he had such a great first day experience. Hope he makes a new friend soon. In my experience, little boys named Liam are very friendly :)

  8. Awww! What a big and sweet boy. His smile just melts me.

  9. He looks so proud! So glad to hear he was all smiles once it finally arrived. And he's still loving it I assume? I'm sure he's making lots of friends.


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