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My kids have been working through some stuff lately. I give Letty a bad rap but she's pretty much the best of the three minus her attitude, which is a constant battle. Then there is David who is still somehow controlling meal time even after all this time of "don't eat if you aren't hungry but we aren't making you anything special so go ahead and starve" schtick that we have been enforcing since the middle of August. Most mealtimes are ruined for us all because of him. Finally there is Dominic. A boy with a man-sized temper and no words to help his case. So he takes to screaming. A lot. With a short and unreliable fuse. Plus aggressiveness. Also add into the equation that Dom and David fight over every toy. Every time. No matter what.

So why do I continue to go out? Take them anywhere? Do nice things with them? Every now and again they have slivers of good moments and I think oh maybe today will be a good day! Maybe if I ask them nicely enough to help me out the bigger two will be good as gold while I deal with Dom? Maybe that day is today?

But this day, last weekend, was not that day.

We have hit up this local greenhouses's Fall Fest every year now for as long as I have known about it and I normally love it! This year though I took the kids to a different location and I don't know if that's why it was sort of a bust or if it was the kids behavior (major influence obviously) or if they are just cutting back across the board. The Lititz location has a free hayride which this one did not... and normally pumpkin painting is free but this year it was not so... Who knows?

Anyways we went and please don't let these photos deceive you, there was a lot of screaming happening. Mainly from Dominic about a certain corn table and a certain digger or dump truck and then a little from David about having to share and let me just say I HATE corn tables. They always bring the worst out in my boys. I know that they love them but it's always an issue. So in between embarrassing rounds of screams I took these photos. Held back a few tears, and debated removing them all even if they all didn't deserve it at that given moment? What does one do? Let one kid ruin it for all? Deep thoughts. If Matt was there one of us would have just taken Dom to the car but he was home knee deep in bathroom painting. I know I know. Another room. We can't help ourselves. I digress.

I did however get to enjoy seeing my two cute nieces scamper about playing. They always bring joy to a room let me tell you what.
Some of these are by my sister-in-law as you know by now.

They have it again this weekend. Will I try it again at Lititz? Oh. We shall see (We all know I probably will).

Last year's Fall Fest here. Before that here



  1. the struggle is real and that's putting it mildly. i suppose it's just all part of growing up. and well when you're by yourself, one kid will ruin it all and that is ok. shit happens. insane how the photos would allude you to believe that it was just a nice little fall day :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. oh man. i am sorry they are such a handful. i know my brothers were like that, and my mum rarely took us anywhere and wherever she did take us, we acted up. i'm obviously not a parent, so i have no idea, but i can't imagine how hard it is because like, why can't you just act like an adult? please be reasonable and stop screaming, please logically work out and divide the toys responsibly... but of course they aren't adults, and they don't have the years of experience that we do in working things out logically and reasonably.. and that stresses me out just thinking about it. but anyway. i think you're a fabulous mom and are doing a fabulous job.
    ps. wtf is a corn table? lol. what it sounds like? interesting.

  3. Oh man! I remember there was a span of like 9 months that we didn’t go anywhere because Mason was a riot in public! Especially in restaurants. Thankfully that season of life is over! And you will get through it too. Just remember, it’s only a season! Despite the fussing, you managed to get some great pictures. This looks like a fun place.

  4. ooooh man everyone has those days and tough phases!!!!! i am sorry, that is just stressful. they are cute, at least, right? ;) and my brother ruined many dinners for us growing up. he was that way, too!

  5. yeah you wouldn't know from the photos looks like everyone was having a great time! Haha. All the kids look adorable of course :)

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