a letter to david, a preschool edition

And now, on Monday, I have a second one leaving, albeit for a few hours on three mornings a week, but he's going. It could be because he's the second one to leave me or it could just be because he is who he is... But I don't worry for him the way I did (do) for Letty. He's always had the confidence. He's always been sure of himself. He learns so easily about all things academic. Just don't try and convince him that he can't know he doesn't like a certain food because he's never tried it... That logic flies right on over his head. Whenever we go somewhere new he's the first to just be all "see ya later mom" and run on in. Sunday School was never an issue, he barely turns around to wave goodbye. He's looking forward to it and that definitely helps. He always speaks up and answers questions when asked right away, he's not a shy one, for sure. And my goodness does he need this. The poor boy has been struggling lately, feeling lots of feelings, probably most of all being left behind and left out. I've been trying to make our time without Letty very David focused just to compensate but he needs to go, that boy.
So he's leaving me, and I know he's going to love it. I am so excited to see where he goes in this world and to see his personality just take off. I hope he shares and never treats his classmates like he would his brother or sister. I hope he never whines. I hope he is a good friend and is a nice, decent kid. I hope he makes some new friends! He has all his eggs in the Liam basket and that's all well and wonderful but I wouldn't mind him having some other ones in this school district, you know? I hope he does as he is told and is not a goof ball. I hope he puts his listening ears on. I hope he keeps his hands off. his. wenis! And that he never talks about how girls have boobies and boys have pecs. That especially. And yeah if he could keep the singing of Chop Suey to a minimum I would most appreciate it, as he'll be going to a Christian preschool (a different one than Letty went to, did I mention we made a change?). I hope he will tell me all about his day and show me all he's learned while he's away. I hope he will always hug me goodbye and I hope he will always be happy to see me when I come get him. And I hope he will always be safe and be kept in the best of hands.

He's going to rock this school thing. Dom and I will be waiting with baited breath for him to come back and tell us all about it. But he's going to probably not want to leave.