a final thomas visit for the year

Also known as a David day, which is quickly becoming Dom days as well, as Dominic has decided he also likes "a choo choo" and he likes them a lot. David's been feeling a little shall we say, left out as of late and so last week after the dust of new school (for Letty and I) had settled I ran the boys down to Strasburg to have a little visit with our very favorite useful engine, Thomas. My sister-in-law Ashley met us there as well with my niece Mikayla and we had ourselves a nice little morning, lunch and all. The only issue we had was the lack of engines in the train table area. There were only two. This was terrible because as anyone knows, the engines are the only things kids want. They don't want the load or the passenger car. Nope. They need the engine. I was able to distract the boys enough upon departure that the day remained tantrum-less. Tattoos and all.

And to any local people near Strasburg, we have sort of created our own little "Thomas Hack" as it were. You may wonder why we don't actually ride the train on any of these visits and that is because the train costs a lot of money and it's just a quick ride. Sure you get the inclusion of a few other little train rides scattered around, but still, it's a lot of money. So we don't buy tickets. We wander in and see him pull in and all of that and take advantage of the train table and tattoos and such and then we leave. It works for me!!


Has anyone else encountered this whole child left behind thing with their second born? I'm hoping it sort of resolves itself once David starts with preschool.... Hoping.

Last Thomas visit here. And here, here, here and here! We love our Thomas!



  1. Only child over here, no idea about sibling stuff. Should be interesting around here.
    Loving the hack =) No need to pay for the train when the rest is just as much fun.

  2. all the thomas time for the boys. a good train! my brother felt the same way with me going off to school and such. it makes sense. but you can just give him all the extra love :) and trains. done and done

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Hmm I have to remember the whole not going on the train thing! I think Tori would really love this but I can't get myself to buy tickets because you are not kidding- so expensive!

  4. What a fun David and Dom Day!! A town about an hour and a half do the Thomas train thing, but we’ve never made it over. Mason thinks he’s too old for Thomas the Train now. Ha! Sweet pictures. I’m melting over how excited their sweet little faces look!

  5. I never realized you didn't go on the train! But hey if the kids don't care then what's the point spending all that money? They still get to SEE the train so that's good enough I guess. So all the other fun things are free.. you can just sort of show up or is there a small cost?


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