who letteria is at six years

She is six. That seems so much older than five, or is that just me? But she is and she looks it! All legs and so tall... And the facial expressions that she's pulling out! I mean I may be jumping the gun but I think she understands sarcasm. This is huge
She starts full day kindergarten at the end of this month as I'm sure anyone who's around me knows because it's pretty much all I think and talk about these days. Her teacher is awesome, or so I hear from veteran moms and other various people. I got myself all situated so I can volunteer and I'm on the PTO email lists and FB groups and so forth. She's finally ready in my mind. Sure she would have done just fine last year but she needed this year. I needed it too.
She was begging us to remove her training wheels on her bike and we just thought it was too soon? But then thanks to social media I saw a lot of her little friends were doing it. Nothing like peer pressure. For me, not her. So I convinced Matt to try it. And she did AWESOME. Another example I guess of me holding my kids back quite by accident. 
She's gotten good at trying new foods. Maybe not liking them, but trying them. She mother's her brothers. Which translates into nagging David and nurturing Dom. Just what they needed right? Two mothers with the exact same personality, one just much shorter than the other. And she's the loudest little thing I have ever encountered. Heretofore.
She likes to stay up late and sure knows how to manipulate us into letting her. She's starting to read the emotions around her and gauge her response. For example she'll see I have a scowl on my face and come over and give me a hug and tell me she loves me. And! She's started to show spontaneous appreciation! Thanking us for things without being told! Telling us she had a great day or something was really fun! HUGE. She loves her chore charts and helping out and saving her money to make big girl purchases, and I love having her help me. It's an actual help!
She likes patterns, finding them as often as she can. Since our frightful conference in January she has learned all her letters and corresponding sounds and her numbers. She LOVES to practice writing and working through her kindergarten workbook from my parents. Subtraction even? What a difference a year makes! Everyone said it, and it's true. She's smart as a tack that one, so long as it's something she wants to remember. She is creative and loves all things arts and crafts. I'm really excited for her because that's an area I hear her teacher loves as well.
Since I won't be doing a chalkboard for her this year as we are traveling I figured a little bit of an interview is in order:

Songs: Rock Me Mama Like a South Bound Train. Let It Go. 
Shows: Shimmer and Shine. The Littlest Pet Shop. 
Movies: Beauty and the Beast. The Prince and Me. 
Food: Hot dogs! And Mac and cheese. 
Drink: Pink Lemonade and Apple Juice. 
Snack: Popsicles. Fishes. Ice Cream. 
Book: My Princess Devotional 
Toy: Barbies!
Friend: Avery, Sophie and Makayla. 

She loves...
When you read a book with me. Going to the movie theater. Staying up late and having popcorn. Swimming. Playing in my room. Staying outside. Riding my bike without my training wheels!

She wants to be a rock star when she grows up. 

She weighs 49 pounds and is 3 feet 10 inches tall. 

What she is most looking forward to being six is... Hanging out with my mommy. 

Did I mention she's very cunning and manipulative?