the story of the day we went to martha's vineyard. a tale of tales.

Just a warning, this post is photo. Heavy. Gird your loins...

My birthday was also an occurrence when we were up in Massachusetts. We had decided that since the weather looked good we would finally hit up Martha's Vineyard. Always wanted to go, but never been. So this was it, our chance. Sort of a now or never kind of deal. We knew where to go and which port we wanted to arrive at (Oaks Bluff) and we set off bright and early in our caravan of vehicles, all gassed up.

Then things went south. Parking was ten minutes from the terminal which we didn't know of course until we arrived at said terminal. So the men dropped us there figuring let the kids run around and they would run the cars over to the lot and then shuttle back... but that lot was full so they had to go to a further lot 30 min away. So they missed the 9:30 ferry that we were on. We were quite literally watching for them to arrive as we floated away from the pier... But they took the next ferry that (ding ding you guessed it!) went to a different port. So of course that meant they had to bus over to us, a 20 minute trip away. They were away from us for a total of 3.5 hours. And the five women had all five kids. They had booze. We had kids. Yayyy!!! Happy Birthday to me! A dream of mine! Being alone with my children on a boat deck with railings and a sudden drop! Did I say dream? Did I?!?!?

But I wasn't alone. I had my mom and Uncle Sadie (David's pet name for Sadie that has just stuck) to help corral and distract and cajole and entertain and do tricks... whatever it took to keep us safe and sound.
So while we waited what was to be done? We visited the nation's oldest carousel and also hit up a bar because it was my birthday and I was Matt-less and I knew they were day drinking so it's only fair! Right? They finally met us by lunch time which was at the Lookout Tavern. I can't believe the day continues on the same path but it did. Another large party under the name of Laurie wished to be seated outside on the picnic tables came and took our tables that I called ahead for sooo... The group split up. Those with kids outside, those without inside. But the food was banging and the kids did good considering!

After we ate we explored Oaks Bluff a bit. Seeing the harbor and the gingerbread houses and getting coffee and the like. We walked down to the beach and splashed in the waves (that also hit my camera lens unbeknownst to me) and had ice cream and basically everything a little kid can dream of. All before piling back into the ferry for our trip back to the mainland. By this point David had agreed that Massachusetts did in fact encompass more than our house in Plymouth... Thank you God. 

Oh and did I mention Matt and everyone else but me thought he lost David for five solid minutes? Well it's true. I thought Matt heard him yell he was headed with me to the bathroom and Matt did not and so.... He didn't have a coronary but, it was close. The cavalry was on their way when David just pranced out of the bathroom unknowingly with Nonna.... Put a leash on that kid I'll tell you.

David ended the trip with declaring on a bridge that "it's going to make him say a bad word!! He's gonna do it!" I told him to not even think it but I sure was curious what bad word the bridge was going to make him say? Anyone else? When we got back to the house there was a great sunset viewing and then of course Letty insisted that everyone sing to me the birthday song so... They all complied (Matt even brought my childhood favorite of angel food cake, whip cream and strawberries!). Note my wine tumbler sitting in a place of honor right next to me on the dock...

An epic birthday for sure! And thanks to mom and dad for treating us to such an adventure!!! I'm sure we will be reliving this day for years to come!

And thanks to my sister-in-law for many of these lovely photos!



  1. oh my word what a day. i mean i remember talking to you about it but sheesh. i would have been hammered drunk by the end haha. glad you spent it with your fab family and stuff. in such a gorg place no less. oh take me up to the north east yes!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. I cannot even tell you how much anxiety even just reading about that day gave me lol! You are such a trooper. I would have quit and went home lol. It looks like the day ended up good afterall. letty is turning into your twin!

  3. I would have turned around at the parking situation. It does look like a great time overall!

    Fun fact: I have Strawberry Angel Food Cake every year for my birthday too! The pup and I share the whipped cream :o)

  4. shut up, angel food cake, whip cream and strawberries is MY favourite. not from my childhood, but from my adulthood/americahood. so good!!! which extra whip.
    that photo of you and Letty (and the wine, duh) is too precious, i can't.
    i also can't with the day and the ferry and the guys had the alcohol and you had the kids and then someone (who i bet wasn't even named Laurie!!) stole your tables. i would be fighting mad.

  5. okay WHAT a birthday!!!!!!! i don't even know where to start!!! first, oh man. what a mix up with the car/ferry situation!! that is such a pain!! and boats and kids and ahhh. but the carousel?! what?? it's so old and gorgeous!!! and those beautiful houses. you and letty on the dock!! and oh, you and letty are twins in your birthday cake pic! happy bday, friend!!! what an unforgettable day!!!

  6. Oh man! What a fiasco. Sounds like something that would happen with my family. This place looks so dreamy! What a great birthday. I hope you had the best time. I love the pictures!

  7. Such a bummer about the restaurant reservation mix up. Frustrating and annoying!! But at least there was good food and booze. Yikes about losing David for 5 minutes...I can only imagine how worked up Matt got 😁 I'm glad the day ended well and all in all you had a nice birthday with your family!!


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