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the house tour


We are just getting back into the swing of things after a week away at "The Cape" and as I'm sure you can imagine all laundry was done and everything was unpacked the very day we arrived at home but... still. It takes some time to get back into life as we know it.  This house we rented was through Home Away. And it was built in 1841. So with that comes a lot of things. Creaky floors and step downs. Brick. No central air and the like. A smell that sort of reminds me of my great aunt's house in Brooklin, Maine? We researched extensively before my parents rented this house and between the ocean front and the six kayaks the group was sold. Just wear shoes inside at all times, okay?

We didn't have to bring our own linens and they had a propane fire pit. Not quite the same as building your own... but I did enjoy  not waking up with smokey hair? So that's a nice little bonus. This house was a labyrinth. It took a day or two to not get lost. You couldn't get from one side to the other without walking through a bedroom or two on the second story. It only had two showers inside but that ended up working out just fine for our group of 15.

There was beach access of course down across the yard and an overgrown garden full of hydrangeas that I sort of loved. And a wide open apron on the driveway where the kids rode their scooters and played with chalk and such. The detached barn had ping pong and darts and was great for the rainy days we had where the kids could run free with abandon. 

We had a slight issue the first night with moving and waking up the babies. Between the door creaks and the floor creaks it woke them all (all three!) up but after that they seemed to be used to it? I personally wouldn't leave my room for a bathroom break until the window ac unit kicked on. First world problems.

And don't attempt a kayak at low tide. It's just not worth it. 

Anyways much more to come at a later date but here's a little photographic house tour for you to feast your eyes on... And of course my brother taking David out on the kayak...



  1. That house is absolutely stunning! The 6 kayaks is such an awesome bonus although the 2 showers seems like it could have been rough. Glad you guys were able to make it work! <3, Pamela Sequins & Sea Breezes

  2. i can't get over that place. it's just so gorgeous but i get the shoes thing. i just feel relaxed just looking at these. kayaks in the backyard reminds me of home so i would just be eating that up! i need a vacation ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Seriously, what is not the love about that house and that VIEW!!! What a great vacation.

  4. Ohhh I've been waiting to see more pics of the house!! The views are gorgeous and you just can't beat the charms of an older home. I would have so much fun touring the house...all that character!

  5. wow, the place looks absolutely gorgeous! sorry it was so creaky and loud but good to hear the kids got used to it. the views are amazing. two showers doesn't sound bad until you say a group of 15! wow. at least there was plenty of water outside ;) i kid i kid.

  6. Oh it is so pretty looking! I love creaking floors! It reminds me of family. Love all that charm. Not sure how I'd love it with waking babies, but hey they got used to it right away. Hooray for that.

  7. How darling it looks :) I love it

  8. I love that all 15 of you stayed together in one house! Being with family is my most favorite thing ever. My husband would have been sold by the kayaks alone! No beds? Fine! But there’s kayaks…ha! Love the house and the area! So dreamy (even the creaky floors)!

  9. iiii cannot believe that house was built so long ago!! that is crazy. i bet those floorboard creaked! it looks amazing, though!!! how incredible. i bet you were happy to get back to your recently built house, though. :)


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