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I am currently vacationing with my family at The Cape (I'm such a snob!) and most likely I'm having my coffee on one of the many decks this house has to offer listening to my children squeal and laugh whilst checking out the Atlantic. I'm sorry, it's just true. I am so thankful that after all these years and marriage and kids of our own that my parents still value time with us like they do. They continually take us away on vacations and I'll be forever grateful. Looking back on my past thirty-some odd years the memories that glow the brightest for me are mostly on vacations with my family. And I love that my kids get to experience it as well. It's an odd thing for 15 people to gather like this and make it a priority in each of their own lives and I'm so glad they do!

Matt wants to take Letty clamming. I've never been clamming but I imagine the texture of that sandy muck between my toes to give me nightmares. This book never settled well with me as a kid. Heeby jeebies.

Letty chose Star Wars for her birthday theme (meaning paper products) and my heart couldn't be prouder. 

School is coming. I say that like Jon Snow says "winter is coming". How does one go about preparing for that early start time (7:20 am in our case for Letty, 9:00 for David)? We have to go back-to-school shopping and heck let me tell you. That was my favorite activity. My dad would take my siblings and I up to Staples and oh all the new pencils and fresh paper! Reminds me of Kathleen Kelly and her bouquet of sharpened pencils. Yes!

We watched my Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 recently, as you know I love my Greeks, and it made me snicker so hard at times! I was literally dying as the family ran down the street to help the grandfather who's hip gave out in the bath.... and then the ensuing humor about covering up with a big towel. Doesn't take much to amuse me that's for sure.

So before this trip happened I am happy to report I righted my water wrong and started drinking the right amounts again. And only one soda a day! At lunch. It is a treat! Vacations really throw a wrench in things though so hopefully I'll go back to it once we get home.....

Matt is like a madman searching for a telescope, which if you follow me on Instagram you know we borrowed my brother's telescope while he was all over the continent of Europe.... So after having one for a month he's sort of obsessed. And I'm sort of surprised it took him this long to get one? #nerdalert.

Oh and by the way, go check out my brother's amazing Instagram account.... It's sort of a big deal.

I hate politics. I know, I'm sorry. I know I should care more than I do and for that I am sorry but this made me laugh so so hard. I love these two! The face spitting makes me giggle every time.

Alright so I'm going to go enjoy my vacation and I hope you have a lovely day!

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