rules to live by

I've got certain truths that govern my house. Some things that just always need to happen for me to live at peace, internally. And while I'm not saying they are normal for most (okay all) people, I am not normal. So. Some rules. In no uncertain order. 
1// Never leave the house with toys out. For that matter if you're going to play downstairs clean up the first floor play room before that happens. Sometimes if the mess is real bad I make them clean up prior to snack time. Definitely before lunch. 2// Throw pillows must always be in their appropriate location. If there is a pattern on them they must all be going in the same direction. 3// Stools and chairs must always be pushed in when not in use. Always. 4// The beds must be made each and every morning (I've been giving Letty a lot of slack here because she loves to make her bed and fold it down like in magazines? To me it just needs a bit of straightening but I never fix it, she's so proud of it!). 5// On new bed night everyone must be freshly bathed before hitting the sheets. Our water heater broke last week and I totally made everyone take cold baths. Thankfully Dom had already had his prior so it was just the kids and Matt and I. Now that is dedication. But after our cardio that night we both really needed it. 6// Sunday is for cleaning the bathrooms and washing the towels. Wednesday is for washing the sheets. Thursday is for dusting and vacuuming. No exceptions other than whilst on vacation. Then that is allowed I suppose. 7// My little boys must be taught from the very start that they need to put the seat down. For the ladies. Also the toilet lid because no one needs to walk into the bathroom and see an open toilet. 8// No one, and I mean no one, can touch my books. 

Aren't I peach? Anyone else have any rules that they must live by??