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rules to live by


I've got certain truths that govern my house. Some things that just always need to happen for me to live at peace, internally. And while I'm not saying they are normal for most (okay all) people, I am not normal. So. Some rules. In no uncertain order. 
1// Never leave the house with toys out. For that matter if you're going to play downstairs clean up the first floor play room before that happens. Sometimes if the mess is real bad I make them clean up prior to snack time. Definitely before lunch. 2// Throw pillows must always be in their appropriate location. If there is a pattern on them they must all be going in the same direction. 3// Stools and chairs must always be pushed in when not in use. Always. 4// The beds must be made each and every morning (I've been giving Letty a lot of slack here because she loves to make her bed and fold it down like in magazines? To me it just needs a bit of straightening but I never fix it, she's so proud of it!). 5// On new bed night everyone must be freshly bathed before hitting the sheets. Our water heater broke last week and I totally made everyone take cold baths. Thankfully Dom had already had his prior so it was just the kids and Matt and I. Now that is dedication. But after our cardio that night we both really needed it. 6// Sunday is for cleaning the bathrooms and washing the towels. Wednesday is for washing the sheets. Thursday is for dusting and vacuuming. No exceptions other than whilst on vacation. Then that is allowed I suppose. 7// My little boys must be taught from the very start that they need to put the seat down. For the ladies. Also the toilet lid because no one needs to walk into the bathroom and see an open toilet. 8// No one, and I mean no one, can touch my books. 

Aren't I peach? Anyone else have any rules that they must live by??



  1. haha i def knew all of these. i love that you have them clean up the play room at all times. bc going to someones house with a crazy playroom (unless tucked away) is just the worst. and it's good to have rules. whatever works for you, you know? and i love "for the ladies" when i hear david say it, it kills me.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. I bet you're fun at parties ;o)
    I don't follow many rules but I have quirks and they're worse when I'm manicky. I don't like things to be crooked or out of alignment so I'm constantly adjusting pictures, blinds, our kitchen island. I make the bed a certain way. I have a daily routine that I don't like disrupted and prefer to make plans a day or two in advance so I can prepare my psyche. I only put gas in my car on Fridays unless I'm taking a trip or going to run out. I wear X's and O's earrings and orange and purple on the Friday before a Clemson game. We won every game last season... except the National Championship because it was on a Monday. College shouldn't ever play on a Monday. Throws off the JuJu.

  3. Rules are good. They make the world an easier place for us to all live in Harmony. I have a thing about closed everything. Lids, doors, drawers, cabinets, closets. If I see places open for no reason, I just close them. I can't help it. Gotta love the rules. Oh and the books. You are an OCD after my own heart! Such a good lady you are. xo B

  4. i gave up on throw pillows. KC refused to obey my rules, which were quite simple - throw pillows are not to be thrown across the room just because they hinder you enjoyment of laying on the couch, and also they are not to be used as footrests when siting in your computer chair. guess where they all are now? computer chair footrest. so annoying.
    i am one of those annoying people who hate making the bed.
    my rules are don't touch my cereal if you can't roll the bag back up. also, my shoes all over the house all have a purpose, do not get cranky and throw them all back in my closet. i'm also a peach to live with lol

  5. Man I need to get better about rules the way you are. Cleaning the toys before leaving the house is brilliant. I really hate coming home to a messy house but cannot bring myself to actually clean it all up before hitting the road lol. The pushing in your chairs thing is a huge pet peeve of mine. Why the heck would you just let the chair sitting out?!

  6. Right there with ya on the stools, constantly putting them back in place!! Same with pillows. I also need to have all books put away each night BEFORE going into their bed/crib. Reminds me of that video Brittany shared a while back company's coming, that thing still makes me laugh so hard because, as ridiculous as it is, it's true! Lol

  7. This seals would hate to come into my house! LOL

  8. Haha I could use some of your discipline! Ever since having Sam I usually get around to cleaning when it's just gotten that bad and it can't be ignored anymore. Not good not good. Isn't it Matt who is obsessed with the throw pillows? Or is he the one always messing them up? I forget!! Lol

  9. Haha, love this and love those rules. I could stand to adopt a few of those for our home.

  10. yes yes yes yes 1-4 yes. and 5 is a preference for sure but i can't enforce it because i love to break my own rules. i hate changing sheets SO much. so it doesn't always sync up. and 6, oh, i wish i had this structure. i can't commit! but 7 and 8 AMEN AMEN AAAAMENNN!!!


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