our last few weeks of summer

The final two weeks of our summer vacation have been chock full of a hundred tiny moments, things missed (and also more of the same) in the previous few months that I just couldn't let go by without squeezing in before school starts (uhm, today). Making every second count like Jack Dawson, that's my game. Swimming and corn on the cob and visiting a giant pet store and playgrounds and ice cream and italian ices and flowers and sunrises and sunsets and biking on trails and being with friends before they too leave us for school and bounce houses and birthday cake and sandboxes and well-visits and cousin time and walks and scooters and water parks and roller coasters and pedicures.... We've done it all, enjoying every moment. And yeah, I wish I still had more time.
Summer of 2016? You were a good one, that's for sure!