letteria's birthday

Letty's birthday fell on last Tuesday. And all she wanted was for everyone to be present when she opened her gifts, to wear her Yoda Best tank from the Fitzs, and for the bounce house to be set up. Buuuut we forgot the extension cord at home soooo two out of three? Sorry sweet pea! 

As far as those gifts go she got a Vtech watch she has been eyeing since before Christmas. An Elena of Avalor Barbie. Some Shopkins. A Star Wars Lego kit and other little assorted goodies. Such a lucky little lady!
We went into town in the morning and came back with the rains which was unfortunate.... The whole house settled down to have lunch while I took Letty on a big girl date to her choice of surrounding dining options. She decided upon Panera Bread. What a heady thing, leaving with a child with naught but my little wallet clutch thing, but hey! Miss Independence. 

Letty had chosen a Star Wars theme for her cake and paper products which I mean! Ack! I had forgotten them all at home! All tucked together in a plastic bag in my coat closet since like June....Thankfully  there was a Party City twenty minutes away and I was able to go correct that situation asap but wow major mom fail. I almost cried when Letty asked me if I remembered her balloons and I realized I had in fact FORGOTTEN THEM... For her cake I called the local grocery store to see if they could whip up a Star Wars one for Miss Letty. Why sure she loves BB8! Thank you! And check out this chalkboard art my brother just ya know, drew up for her real quick? Right???! 
The kids played outside and rode their various vehicles and we wandered down to the beach and just otherwise relaxed and hung out. Oh and of course the balloons. Great idea Aunt Laurie... GREAT idea. I just can't help myself.

My sister cooked dinner that night, being mac and cheese and hot dogs it was just up the birthday girl's ally, so thank you for that Sauders! And then we sang and had cake! There are six candles on that cake but for some reason I kinda hid one... Oops! She wanted chocolate cake because she knows her Poppop only eats chocolate cake and thank you Lord for letting Matt's thoughtful genes be passed on and my un-thoughtful genes to stay with yours truly.

And later she guilted everyone into sitting outside around the fire pit so they could all tell stories. Oh the power of a six year old with her aunts and uncles and grandparents... The campfire story is so not PG, but most of it went over her head I think. She can watch the video my dad recorded of it when she's in college. Athankyouverymuch. 

Thanks to everyone for making her sixth birthday something extra special! She's such a lucky little lady! A birthday surrounded by all her Trovatos from sun up to sun down and in a house on the ocean no less! And thanks to Ashley for the fantastic photos!