lena's birthday

While we were in Massachusetts the third birthday in a row was my dear Elena's. She turned two. She's just the apple of my eye, that one. I always wanted another little girl, to give Letty a sister of course since I love my sister so much...And while that isn't in the cards for me at least I have nieces to live vicariously through. We sang to her and she opened presents and yeah I snuggled her real hard. It's my duty as an aunt. It's hard to imagine life without her incredible laugh, polite nature, and the hundreds of little mannerisms we've all picked up just by being around her. She's a joy, I'll tell you. 

And then of course cupcakes!

Thanks to Ash for most of these photos, as per the usual! And I hope my not so Baby Lena had the best of days!



  1. Her face looking at the cupcakes is everything! And omg that blond hair! What a sweet girl :)

  2. omg her sweet face. i can't get over it. and all the photos ashley took - stunning per usual! you can just see all the love with these babes :) happy belated miss lena!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. cupcakes! yum. she is so sweet looking.
    i never had a sister, so my cousins were the closest i got, and one of them is my best friends in the whole wide world... and i can say that ;) haha. but seriously. cousins are pretty great too.

  4. You guys sure did some celebrating! I hope you all had the BEST birthdays!! Lena sure is a doll. I adore the photo of her patiently waiting for cupcakes.

  5. Awh it looks like she lovers her Elena doll that you got her!(I think! Haha). The week of birthdays! So crazy!

  6. oh, just the sweetest thing!!! i love love that letty has girl cousins so close in age. i mean, when they're older the age gap won't matter at all, just like sisters!! i love my sister, too, and i always go back and forth on if i have one more... ahhh i'd love for maddalena to have a sister... but i'd love for rocco to have a brother!! anyway, happy birthday, lena!!! oh and ps. you are seriously the best aunt!


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