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I'm a hot mess half of the time. Sort of a fine line between I've got my stuff together sort of OCD style and a manic mess. Some (and just a few, mind you) things have gotten a bit lax this summer, but that is what summers are meant for right? I'll own it. I'm fessing up to eight things that I've let happen in our lives this summer and some even beyond.
1// A dip in the pool counts as a bath.... Right? Chlorine kills the germs therefore it's like they are clean? I'm taking that as an affirmative. What's the point when they will be in the pool less than 12 hours later? 2// This shouldn't surprise many people who have been around here long but David hasn't had a fruit or vegetable (other than porn) in three years. THREE. And it appears Dominic might be following in his picky brother's footsteps. 3// David has been insisting lately that he can't do things. I can't open the gate. I can't pull up my pants. I can't empty the tub.... I had just read an article about how parents are sometimes too quick to jump in and help a child when they say they can't do something and how it does more damage than good down the road... the child gives up easily and doesn't necessarily work hard for things and expects someone to step in and take care of business. Which all makes sense to me... but I feel like the worst mother when I'm like nope David. You pull up your own pants. Not. Helping. 4// I let Letty stay up till almost 11.... a lot. As in, a few times a week. We don't necessarily lie to the younger two but we just chose not to mention that fact because David would lose his mind. And we let her watch big people movies. One recently was Legally Blonde. I hang my head in shame... We need more big girl movies that are appropriate. 5// Do we always remember to brush the kid's teeth in the morning? I'd say I'd give myself a six out of seven days a week success rate....But on those days where you're just going from pjs to bathing suit we sort of get out of our beloved hair/teeth routine. 6// I haven't had to cut Letty's nails since she was an infant. I've promised her either she will have Tabasco sauce nail polish or I'll buy her a manicure if she doesn't stop/stops. Six years and no nail trimming. That has to be a record.  7// The boys fight over toys every second they are both awake. And unless I've seen otherwise I usually give whatever toy to Dom. The squeaky wheel gets the grease as they say. Middle child syndrome is real and I'm open to suggestions as to what one does with two siblings close in the same age with the exact same interests. 8// David takes his s'mores heavy the chocolate minus the graham and mallow. And Letty just takes four of them plus all the cocktail wieners we can muster up. 

So what about you guys? Have any mom confessions you care to make? Because it ain't all roses. But we're all doing just the best we can.



  1. ha this post made me giggle. yeah i mean its good to have david do all the things he can actually do. i think my parents did the same and it's def good. and letty and that nail biting! girl i have my own issues i get it. and pool days are a bath and i may or may not have done the same thing yesterday although highly regretting haha. don't worry i showered this morning.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Many of the same things have been happening around here! We let Ace stay up waaaaay too late, but I can't help it with him going back to school. I have zero advice on the toy fighting situation. My boys fight constantly, and now my girls have kicked it up a notch. Livin la vida loca!!

  3. I never bite my nails if I have nail polish on. Not sure if she's old enough to be that vain yet but the idea of polish on my teeth freaks me out lol. We are also guilty of the chlorine pool baths lol. Tori alrdy complains when Ava takes her toys and she isn't crawling yet so I keep telling her she has no idea how much worse it's going to get lol. I have been doing m&ms for like, everything good Tori does. Oh you let me brush your hair? Here's an M! Oh you put on your shoes by yourself?! Here's an M! It's terrible and I justify it by saying that M's are so small they don't count as real candy.. So it's totally ok to start those treats at 9am. :/

  4. Oh lady! I am sitting here nodding my head at so many of these. Solidarity, sister. I too am a fine line between having my stuff together and a manic mess – perfect description! Pool baths in the summer are most definitely a REAL thing! Mason hates most fruits and all veggies. His diet consists of like 8 (totally unhealthy) things. I can only count on like 1 hand the number of times Mason has been asleep before 11pm this summer.

  5. oh you knooow we are horrible at bed time!!! but yeah, summer!!! it's sweet though that letty is getting her big girl time!! and i hate how inappropriate everything we try to watch is. we ended up watching shark tank every night [and LOVING it] as our evening, wind-down show bc it was about the only thing that didn't cuss and talk about sex!

  6. summers are totally for all of these things ;) Middle child syndrome is definitely real, though i don't have any suggestions. we were all very close in age and fought all the time no matter what! and legally blonde is a great movie hahaha

  7. Love this we are bad with bed time too and yes pool=bath! Lol so Mia randomly got into Shirley temple movies recently.... Maybe she'll like those?


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