exploring plymouth, day two

There was one thing I wanted to check out in Plymouth and that was Burial Hill Cemetery. Very old. Revolutionary soldiers. Picturesque. Naturally, I had to go. I ran by it one morning but wanted more time to explore and this morning was just that morning. Morbidity aside it was something to see. The gravestones were unlike anything I've seen before which I read was a sign of a Puritan influence... either way it was an interesting walk.

We walked along the harbor too and then went to Plymouth Bay Winery which I mean WOW. What a great tasting!!! I loved how the owner tied it into food and other mixed drinks... It was amazing. The fact that my parents had all the kids outside may have had something to do with it? We bought a few bottles (one that we will save for Thanksgiving, naturally) and some jam too that tastes like apple pie filling. So good! If you're ever in the area definitely go on in for a tasting. It's worth the $7 and then some!

We went to Sam Diego's for margaritas and lunch and we were able to sit outside under the umbrellas and just relax. That building is pretty sweet too as it's an old fire house. Slightly different than Rob's for sure. 
Not too bad for a morning in Plymouth if I say so myself. Later that day we played more in the water and kayaked and climbed trees (the kid's firsts!) and of course continued celebrating my dear Lena Girl (more on that later)! Matt was in charge of dinner that night and did a shrimp broil as well as a meal for those of us not keen on eating sea creatures.
Thanks again Ash for all the photos!