exploring plymouth, day one

We had a few days of clouds and rain last week, but we didn't let that stop us from exploring Plymouth (and on Letty's sixth birthday I might add). I had already ran through these sites before to scope them out but this morning we all headed back to view them as a family. Hoping the rain would stay away. Spoiler alert, it did not.

We started by parking near Jenny's Pond and then headed past the grist mill through Brewster Gardens down to the actual rock and the Mayflower II. I'm not sure how I feel about the rock? Is it really the rock? Probably not but hey, a site to see nonetheless. 

We got our ornaments this day too. Is that anyone else's tradition? An ornament from every place you've ever visited? I still do it. My mom buys the kid's ornaments but I still got one made from potters on the Plimoth Plantation. Because let's already talk about how Christmas is coming and all of that yes?

Of course some of these are my sister-in-law's as well...
The rain started then and we had to hightail it back to the house and copious amounts of wine....



  1. Are you scowling down at the rock in that pic up there somewhere? Is it beyond the fencing?

  2. I would love to visit Plymouth!

    *I can't help but quote Malcolm X every time I see your insta posts!

  3. oh what fun. i have never been! and letty's shirt - can i have? how cute are your kiddos. and the one of you and letty, such twins.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. I love all that history stuff...the mayflower, Plymoth Rock. Looks like such a pretty town too. Great pictures!

  5. you guys are so cute!!! and oh, letty and david hugging!! can i be in your family? please? :)

  6. What a neat place to explore! I love that you guys get ornaments from your travels. We should do that! I bet they are fun to look back on and reminisce. Great pictures!!


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