elizabethtown fair, a tradition.

It's the start to fair season baby! Sure, when I was in high school the fairs were an excuse to hang out with all my friends and eat fair food and play silly games and maybe come home with a goldfish I would kill in a week... but now fair season is more along the lines of checking out the animals, petting the animals, watching the animals pee, covering hands in sanitizer, sitting on tractors.... and yeah maybe some fair food mixed in too. I do miss the lights of the fairs from the nights of my high school summers... but I don't miss the crowds and the what would inevitably be cranky kids. Maybe someday I'll get up enough nerve to tackle a night fair on a summer night. But not this summer. Nope.

The fair is pretty dead during the day time, and tack on to that the intense heat and well... not many people were as crazy as my family and I. It was a typical fair day as fair days go... other than Dominic receiving a lesson in swing procedures. Trial by fire is how I parent what can I say? I'm clearly being sarcastic but I warned him twice and he was juuuuuust out of my reach when he stepped directly in front of a big kid swinging happily away. He tumbled head over tea kettle a few times and just has a few scratches to show for it... quite lucky I would say. Lesson learned? Who can be certain.. I mean really.

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