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david's dream morning


Last year we had the chance to visit the Lancaster Airport's Community Days, which was awesome. But I've recently learned that this is not an annual thing? At least not anymore... And so I was sad. I loved taking the kids to get up and close and personal with aircraft, all whilst keeping their feet firmly planted on God's Green Earth. 

And then I found out about Harrisburg International Airport's Open House. Relatively new, this was just one Saturday where people could come and sit in planes and various emergency vehicles and snow removal vehicles and meet all the lovely men and women who run the equipment. Sign. Me. Up.

We arrived at 9:00 a.m. on the dot figuring that it would get crowded and it was a hot day so we didn't want to bake in lines for the entire morning... Parking and admittance was free, which I mean, you can't beat. David in particular was living his dream. He got to honk the horn of a dump truck which is basically at the top of his bucket list, if he had one. The enormous plow and all the "army" (Air Force) vehicles were also a huge hit in his mind. Letty got to climb into a police car and talk into the walkie and set off various horns and sirens and even got a sticker labeling her as his "partner." And they got to go inside the UPS plane which I informed them, is where all of mommy's Target and Amazon packages come from...
It was fun. Hot, but fun. We scored some free candy on our way out from the Kiss Mobile and then headed home to an air conditioning and a lovely backyard swim.



  1. I love this! One of our favorite things in Alaska was the air show on base! The kids loved to see all the planes daddy jumps out of. LOL! -- and I love that last pictures of you guys!

  2. seriously when i saw initial photos i was like THIS is the coolest. and i still agree. HIA rocks for that. behind the scenes and big ol planes and all that. how fun. i think even i would like this ha

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. How neat is this? Such great pictures. A town near us does something like this but on a much smaller scale!

  4. What a neat idea. I should suggest it to our local airport. They do host the air show and we never go since we can see the show from our yard. but we don't get the up close and personal visiting.

  5. So fun for the kids! I'll definitely keep this in mind for the future.

  6. okay, this is SO cool!!!! i would be just as excited as the kids, i'm pretty sure!!! i love how many fun things you guys discover to do as a family. also, letty totally has your amazing calf muscles!

  7. What a find! Looks like a great day, and I second the calves comment! Super jelly over here! Share your calf workouts Olsen ladies!


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