an afternoon out, and my final vacation post.

Here we are, a final vacation post! I'm not happy about it because I just love reliving my vacation over and over again, makes it last longer as it were. On our final afternoon in Plymouth, after the younger kids went down for a nap and the bigger kids were all settled with their iPads and their Nonna and Poppop we headed back into town to the Mayflower Brewing Company. Ten dollars and five tastings later we were all quite happy. Not all of the beers I loved but it was so very nice to sit around a table with my siblings and joke and laugh. Haven't done that in well... over six, possibly seven years. 


Wecouldn't stop there and headed back to Sam Diego's for some drinks and appetizers before heading back home again. Jiggity jig. All of the kids but Mikayla were out playing in the driveway when we pulled in... the good news being that Nonna and Poppop survived. So applause to them, for not only treating us to this wonderful week at The Cape, but for watching our children on several  occasions as well. Icing on the cake as it were. And here is our updated family photo on the last night of our vacation, because I love them all.



  1. yay for tastings and adult convos! haha. seriously you guys look fantastic and dare i say it, as i look at that photo of you and matt - you've never looked better. seriously i'm lucky to have such a gorg best friend!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Yay for some kid free time with your siblings! So fun!! Thank goodness for grand parents :) glad you had a great vacation!! Now I'm ready for mine!!

  3. Ok, you said icing on the cake and now I just want cake.

    Kid free anything is a blast! Siblings gathered and drinks to be had, even better. I find some lovely me time at the Ob office is a treat, even if it ends with a shot each week.

  4. I always get sad with the last vacation post! Relieved because it means I’m done editing pictures, but sad because it means “that’s a wrap!” Ya know? You guys had such a great vacation! I’ve loved all of the posts and pictures. So fun that you guys got an afternoon out. That group picture is the best!!

  5. ahhhh sitting with your siblings laughing and joking!!! my heart is so warm!!!! that is the best thing. i love your family.


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