a secluded beach

The owner of our rental (an oystah fahmah in case you wondered) had suggested a secluded beach that's a bit rocky but never crowded and so of course we investigated. On a preserve, the 0.15 mile hike to the beach was gorgeous and those flowers! My word. There were two other people there besides us, thinking they would have a relaxing morning, ha! We showed them, am I right?

We rock climbed and tide pool explored and loved life like it was 1991. And I loved it. Letty walked home with quite the collection of shells and the like. It wasn't what we were expecting when we arrived but it was sure beautiful, albeit rocky. If only we had thought to bring my mother and sister an umbrella or two to keep the sun's rays off them we could have stayed and watched the tide pull in....

And as always a thank you to my sister-in-law for most of these beautiful photos!



  1. ugh that beach though. there's something about a secluded area that just beats the rest. and you can just breathe in that salty air. but i'm sure it was a wild amount of fun with the whole fam! hehe.

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. How neat to find a secluded beach! It's beautiful, rocks and all!

  3. this location is just soooo incredibly stunning!!!!!!! and lena's ponytail.. presh!!!


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