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a final summer hike


I'm not sure why we haven't hiked this particular hike sooner? It's really close by with various trails spread around and I mean we didn't do it this time, but there is an ice cream shop juuuuust around the corner. Next time! I'm all about stuffing our days full of all things summer before we are bound to the school's timetable, and so the final hike was squeezed in on a late afternoon last week. To Governor Dick. The trail we wanted led straight through a fenced in area we so kindly referred to as the T-Rex Paddock, much to our children's amusement (not). But we enjoyed it. At the very top there is an eight-story observation tower which I climbed up with Letty. I've done the tower twice before and each time I hate it just as much. Climb up a ladder, step to the side on a platform, climb another ladder, and so on until the top. It makes my stomach lurch for sure. And watching Letty climb up ahead of me was no help. But we made it! And were rewarded with such pretty views! 
The kids even want to go back again sometime.... I'm thinking for some nice leaf peepage??



  1. yep add that to the list next time i'm there in warmer temps. that tower would be a pass for this height fearing girl. but worth it for the views as you say!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. um, that tower looks terrifying!! my stomach dropped just looking at the photos, i'd probably pass out trying to climb it lol

  3. This is so inspiring! I love the post:)


  4. So beautiful!! I hate climbing high things too but those views were definitely worth it!

  5. oh wow what beautiful views!!! those look sooo worth it!!! your little fam is just the cutest. :)

  6. What an awesome hike! Those views are spectacular!! And what I love most is that you guys do this as a family. There is something so awesome about getting kids out in nature. Cool pictures!

  7. Nice Views for sure! But, I was having anxiety just looking at the picture of the ladder going up...yikes! Brave girls!


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