a few final hersheypark visits for the summer

The park isn't closing on us just yet, don't be alarmed, but the summer hours are coming to an end. The weekday trips will stop, the water park is closing earlier, and before we know it the park will be decorated for fall. But I am ahead of myself. A little. We've been staying away from Hersheypark for the past few weeks because of the tourists. Summer camps. Bus groups. It just wasn't worth it. Until all of a sudden you realize that there are just two weeks left until the only time one can go is on a weekend. So we snuck in a few more visits before Labor Day. Which incidentally, is when the water park closes it's doors for good... until Memorial Day. 

One such visit was on a Friday morning, with my mom and brother and his family...Which it is just so wonderful having my mom along for trips such as these. She corrals kids, she watches the boys so I can take Letty on her rollercoasters... It's just so much more manageable. And the kids! They love having her there with them! If only they would stop arguing over who gets to ride with Nonna we'd be good. 

David does this thing on rides that go in a circle... every time the rotation passes by me he'll call out hi mom! Hey mommy! Every time. So on the Mini Himalayan, that he was riding with my brother, he must have said it something like 15 times, with Rob repeating the sentiment each time as well. Someday he won't wave and call out to me anymore... so for now, I'll smile back with my silly mom grin and say hey buddy! Each and every time.
The second quick trip in was on a Monday evening, a quick jaunt into the water park followed by dinner and more rides with my sister and her people. I was surprised with how crowded the water park was, right up until it closed at 6, but I'm glad we got to go again of course. We should never have left the water park earlier this summer when we were there and it was empty... what a difference that was!
I'm sure we'll be back again before Labor Day (I hope?), but in case we don't make it, I'm glad we got a few last hours in this summer. Sniff.



  1. ugh i miss HP. Will try to get there next summer w/ you guys! those kids on those rides and how is letty big enough to ride them? I'll never know

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. The summer went so fast!! im hoping to hit up the water park on Tuesday with Leesha one last time ...we shall see

  3. i want to go to a chocolate park haha. i used to do the same thing as david, call out to my mum. every. single. time. haha.

  4. Is it open on the weekends year round? Non Disney theme parks baffle me. Chris talks about getting one of those 3245 pound chocolate bars from Hershey at least once a year. And, looking for mom while on a ride is the best =)

  5. this looks like sooo much fun!!!! i love that david likes to hey mommy you every time he goes around and around ha! precious thing!!

  6. Omg adorbs that David does that, yes soak that in while he still wants to!


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