who david is at four years

Seeing all those photos one right after the other sort of makes your life flash before your eyes a bit right? Well my middle lovely little boy is officially four! We celebrated with friends and family over the weekend but today is his actual day of birth. Matt and I have been sort of looking forward to when David turns four... we keep saying we will finally get our good David back. Three hit him hard. He lives a difficult life what can I say... He can be such a wonderfully infuriating little thing. One minute you could quite literally be wishing to pull your own hair out and then the next he looks up at you with that incredibly expressive adorable face and gives you one look where you just can't help but smile. Several people just look at him and go my God, this kid! They just love him up. But at the same time know to tread lightly. Howard Hughes is just below the surface.
We had a really rough patch after Matt was gone for work for two weeks... his sleep was disrupted and it would take him twenty minutes of screaming till he fell asleep mid-scream. We eventually learned that if he could take a toy truck or something to bed with him that he would go right to sleep quietly, just like he had for his entire life. He's not an early riser, that's for sure. And if he does stay up late with us he will most definitely require sleeping in in the morning. He seems to have gotten over his whole grumpy morning situation and normally walks down carrying his iPad with a smile.
His. Eating. Kills. Me. I could write pages and pages about all the different ways his eating affects us negatively. Most of the tantrums or fits all stem from eating, or lack there of. He is extremely picky. He only likes certain brands of certain things. Sometimes he will gag himself on one of his very few favorite things just because. Sometimes he'll eat two pieces of pizza no problem, sometimes he won't even eat one and will instead whine and complain about it. Until you take it away and then put in the ear plugs. It's a struggle, you know? Pizza. Chicken Nuggets. French fries... but only certain brands and only certain times. No fruit. No vegetables. No yogurt. The only redeeming quality about his diet is his love of milk. Which we supplement with PediaSure because come on... Vitamins.
He still loves trains, sure... but he has moved on to a new love of monster trucks. He still loves Paw Patrol and Blaze and the Monster Machines. He likes Mighty Machines on Netflix too, which is sort of documentary type. He has a fear of "snapping goose" and doesn't want to go to sleep until the sky is black. 

He is constantly asking questions. He wants to know why everything does what it does and then why that does what that does? My mother is currently teaching him bird names and we are convinced he may have some sort of photographic memory (only half kidding). Yet if you tell him to pick up the red car that's right  behind him he'll look at you like he's not sure you spoke English. He loves to sing! Should've Been a Cowboy and Chop Suey are currently his two favorites (not proud of System of a Down but I mean, it works and watching him head bang, wherever he learned that is sort of adorable). He picks up song lyrics like the man! He ends a lot of statements with: "is that a great idea!?"
He loves to give and get hugs. If he hasn't gotten thirty hugs in a day it's been a slow one. He still won't go in the basement alone. He can pedal his trike with abandon but his bike is giving him a harder time. He just went under in the pool holding his breath for the first time. And he's constantly putting his fingers in his mouth. Tabasco sauce is proving to be the most effective form of punishment, but the resulting screams can leave one deaf.
I love this boy so very much. So much of his life was easy and natural... He was such a wonderful newborn and toddler that he gave us confidence that we could absolutely handle a third. This phase he's in is just that. A phase. He will head off to pre-k this fall and I have a sneaky suspicion that he's going to do so very well. He loves playing with others and is friendly and confident, and well. Smart. He wrote his name for me after showing him how to hold the pencil properly once. Just like that. A preschooler. And I couldn't be prouder of him. The places he'll go.... So long as they aren't very far from his mama.

David says "peace out"!