things i'm loving lately...

//Since David turned four we've been letting him play up in his room alone and it's gone shockingly well. Letty has been able to play up there for awhile now but she enjoys it more now that her brother is up there as well... and Dom? Well then he gets free reign of all the play room toys so he's totally okay with it. And we have peace! What I don't love is the mess. But they clean it up normally with no fuss so.... win win.

//The Laid Back Beach Music station on Pandora. Speaking as someone who spends three to four hours each day on the back deck watching the kids swim that station makes it just perfection. And I have a newfound love for Jack Johnson (Hawaiinge, not Curious George Jack Johnson) and the Zac Brown Band. Yes!

//The lemon in my water is just making my day. If you have to drink water (which you do, see?) you might as well throw it on ice and fill it up with lemon slices! I keep a pitcher full of water and lemon with as much as I should be getting each day and then refill my lovely mason jar sippy cup throughout the day.

//The Fantastic Beasts trailer. Wow. I just love the Harry Potter world and watching this just makes me so very happy. Cannot wait!!

//This new game my brother showed me on my phone, Flow Free.... I'm hooked and whenever I find the end of the Internet I always play a few rounds. Because of the cloud it even ended up on the kid's iPads and they love it as well so I left it there for them too... Working the mind!

//I've said it before but I'll say it again these Letterfolk boards! And if you follow them on Instagram I love seeing all the creative ways people use them! I particularly enjoy when they use it in a funny and unexpected way. I mean you put a rap song on an open-faced letter board and I giggle, I just do. The formality there and yeah okay so I'm done. I just love them is all.

//Letting Letty stay up with us past her bedtime, because let's be honest she stays awake up there and plays in her bed for hours anyway... not every night, but occasionally... and we watch movies with her.  You know us and our love of the cinema. She only wants to watch big girl movies but I'm sort of running out of appropriate adult movies that don't give her bad ideas. Any suggestions? We love spending the extra time with her and she's really just such a big girl now it's a bit mind blowing! I love it. But mind. Blown.

//Chokers are back! It's a thing! I'm not even completely sure that I wore them when they were in style way back when but I probably did and I just sort of love that they are back! I also think I may be too old to be rocking that look but I still really like it. Remember the plastic braided-type ones? No. These are more my style now.

//That Pura Vida now has a monthly subscription service! I'm not one to get on board with these types of things, because you know, money... But three of my favorite bracelets coming at me each month? Sounds like a great idea to me! Now where did I plant my money tree...

//My Instagram feed these days. I just love all of the accounts I follow (as I should!)! Here are some of my newest "finds": Britt. Tahnee. Gathre. Julie. Just to name a few.

What about you all? What are some things you're loving these days?