so what's new with you?

Well hello there and pull up a chair! It's another round of what's new with me (or you?)!
This past weekend killed me. The food that I digested well, it just makes me sick to think about. Except I didn't get sick and so it just added on to my bottom line. We need to get life in gear again you know? No more snacks allowed! And you know what's really hard for me? There is a block of sharp cheddar cheese in my fridge and wonderful pretzels and well, honey mustard. It's sort of my dream snack lately.

Outlander is finished for the season this Saturday. Wah! I am preparing myself emotionally.... mentally... physically.... I'll be sitting there with a box of tissues probably texting Brittany about how I can't stand it.

Over the weekend Letty got to cross an item off her summer bucket list. Right between "ride my bike" and "swim in the pool" was "eat AT McDonald's". I'm a drive through user through and through. My kids eat in the car allll the time. I mean it's not like we've never done it... we just rarely do it. My Fitzs (most of them) were free as well and got to meet up with us for a lunch and while it was ridiculously loud in there we all survived. And did you know kids ten and under get a free snack cone? Seriously. It's tiny. Adorable. But free! Is this every McDonald's? I just don't know.

We were all set and ready to take all three (!) kids to a drive-in movie theater over the weekend but there was so much going on I couldn't justify a late night before another late night.... And it would be late! The movie doesn't even start until 9:15.. and the nearest one is something like 45 minutes away soo... I'm going to keep tabs on it though. We will do this this summer. What a dream.

I got all my summer birthday shopping done already. No surprise there I'm sure. It's a busy few weeks, what with David, Letty and then my nieces Lena and Syd... So I did that and got paper products for the kid's birthday parties/dinner. Although once Letty's birthday hits I may just cry until September at that point.

Speaking of September I am working through getting my clearances so I can volunteer in her classroom... I had no idea how much work it was and how in depth it is! First time mom here obviously. I'm glad that they are so thorough that's for sure. All I have left is for my fingerprints to be ran through the FBI database or some such thing. All fun times.

Well, so what's up in your neck of the woods?

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  1. I have never seen Outlander but I'm guessing it would have to go on my list of what to watch. hehe Wow, you guys still have drive in movie theaters ?! We had one where I live many years ago and one day they just closed and that's that. Even the screen is still up. So sad.

    Have a wonderful summer !

  2. i was totally thinking yesterday that next week i'm doing a coffee talk. great minds. also the drive in movie place in dills burg? bc that's all i can think of. love that they are still open. and free cones at mcdonalds yes i did know this. oh the things you forget. so many birthdays. parties. all deadly

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Thinking of adding Outlander to our list of shows! And the drive-in! I just asked my fiancé to take me to the drive-in soon! LOL! Birthdays! YAY!!!! Always fun! And slightly sad for mom but oh so exciting! :) xo B

    1. You will not regret watching Outlander.

  4. My dad was the manager of a McDonald's for 24 years. When I was in preschool and he needed to stop by the store on his days off, the staff would keep me content with an everlasting supply of kiddie cones. Probably another reason I have the diabeetus!

    And yes there is such a thing as Hamburger University. It's 2 weeks of intensive learning at the headquarters in Chicago. I get asked that all the time lol!

    I'm ready for back to school so I can buy all the cheap Crayola products!!!

    Outlander is available on the Starz Amazon subscription at midnight Friday... I'm not so patiently waiting. If something happens to Murtagh, I'm done.

  5. that is good that there are a lot of hoops to jump through before they will let people work in classrooms.. although you would think that being a parent of a kid in that classroom would make it kind of okay? obviously not a parent here haha. i did not know mcdonalds gave kids free ice cream cones, now i want a kid so i can steal their ice cream cone. speaking of being a fatty haha we have no snacks in the house.. it's just not smart with us. mmm sharp cheddar is my fave.. with ritz. done. whole box of ritz and block of cheese gone in a day, no joke. not good. oh i STILL haven't watched this season of outlander but it makes me really happy that i will be able to binge watch the entire season when i do watch it. i really want to read the 2nd book first though, and it's so long i just can't be bothered.

  6. Have you read the Outlander series or did you just watch the TV show? I got a few books into the series and really need to pick it up again, but I'm wondering if the show is better! -- Lisa | Naptime Chai

  7. love these posts and nooo Outlander!! Not ready!

  8. We used to go to the drive in movies all the time in Arizona because well, kids. But I hear you if it's a late movie, because you know it will be the same early morning. Lol

  9. Drive in's are so cool! We don't have many in my area since I live in the city, but when we're out in the country we'll sometimes go to them. The only bad thing is how late they are..i Have a hard time staying up! Thanks for linking up with us :)

  10. I love Outlander, but I need somewhere to watch it. I left off somewhere after that first season break, and haven't caught up.

  11. Free cons for kids?! Who knew? Another reason McDonald's is amazing. And this post reminds me that Syd will be two soon...and I need to finish birthday shopping for her!! I'm in denial.

  12. hahaha that's intense screening! I mean yay for not having psychos with your kids. Just amusing, and then maybe a little disheartening.
    Yeah we aren't much of an eat AT McD's kind of family. We are big fans of drive through french fries though.


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