poppies! poppies will put them to sleep!

Or at least make for a really magical-type morning?

I saw an article online about this field of flowers planted near Lititz... Instead of tobacco or corn this particular farm owner decided to plant a field of flowers meant to attract bees. And well so long as you don't pick the flowers you can go on and traipse right through them. 

So I told Letty we were headed to this magical field of flowers this past Sunday. What a dream right? A field of flowers you can walk right on through, following meandering trails there and back, surrounded by flowers. I would have eaten that up as a kid. I mean my imagination would have had me entertained for weeks on that field!

The boys had a great time too. I think Dom was just really excited to be able to walk around free. 
So yeah. If you see a field of flowers. It needs to be walked through.