poppies! poppies will put them to sleep!

Or at least make for a really magical-type morning?

I saw an article online about this field of flowers planted near Lititz... Instead of tobacco or corn this particular farm owner decided to plant a field of flowers meant to attract bees. And well so long as you don't pick the flowers you can go on and traipse right through them. 

So I told Letty we were headed to this magical field of flowers this past Sunday. What a dream right? A field of flowers you can walk right on through, following meandering trails there and back, surrounded by flowers. I would have eaten that up as a kid. I mean my imagination would have had me entertained for weeks on that field!

The boys had a great time too. I think Dom was just really excited to be able to walk around free. 
So yeah. If you see a field of flowers. It needs to be walked through. 



  1. this is so pretty! i just love a field of flowers. and the color! and for a good cause. bc bees are in danger. so this is all around a good time :) happy friday!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. What a lovely day. I mean literally taking time to walk through the flowers and enjoy them. And those precious little ones are absolutely adorable! :)

  3. oh i love that the guy decided to plant flowers to attract bees :) and yeah my head would have exploded with the possibilities and imagination if i saw a field of flowers as a kid. amazing.

  4. How pretty! I'll take any flower garden big or small to walk through! But my boys, specifically Pierce would have smashed some little pretties. We must keep him away!

  5. ohhhh love love LOVE!!! and even better for the bees!!! we have to take care of our little beesies these days!!

  6. Soooo pretty! I forgot to tell you I passed this field on the way home from your house last week! I debated stopping but didn't feel like unloading the kids ha

  7. Gorgeous. I want that to be my yard. Although it would have taken every ounce of Aria's self control to not pick the whole field. I mean...flowers everywhere must be picked. I've probably mentioned the time she picked the entire plant outside of Disney's Boardwalk. Roots and all. Yeah, let's just replant that sucker and walk away all innocent like.


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