pole steeple overlook

I'm a fan of a hike that results in seeing something. Could be an overlook, or waterfalls, or ruins. Whatever, so long as there is something of note other than woods. I like the overlooks... And Matt likes the waterfalls. So we will try and do a bit of both. This one though was an overlook.

This hike was far. Like an hour and twenty minutes far. Which is asinine unless you don't mind mini road trips which we do not. I had seen a relative of mine do this hike in the spring and I was intrigued, so hence the drive. The trail itself was about 3/4 of a mile each way. It was really steep and super rocky though. We were definitely huffing. When we got to a fork in the trail that said less steep to the right and more steep to the left we took the more steep because well. We are ballers. And we regretted it instantly. 

But we made it of course. The overlook was really crowded but I should have been expecting that on a Sunday afternoon on a holiday weekend.... It was pretty enough that's for sure. 
And then we turned around and most definitely took the less steep fork back down. Holding David's hand the entire way because apparently every rock is meant to trip him. 



  1. that looks fun! i so miss hiking since its going to be 108 today i cannot even fathom it. plus your hikes are entertaining. :) so pretty!

  2. Beautiful overlook! I agree if you're going to hike might as well make it worth it and see something cool!

  3. Beautiful! I wish there were more places around here like this to hike!

  4. We definitely miss out on things like this in FL. We have ugly pines and sawpalms to murder your legs. Good times.


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