our weekend, including three pool days!

This weekend was full of pool days and far too much food. Another one with of lots of home time. Which is good, seeing as we head away next weekend.  To me weekends start on a Friday. Can we get on board with that? Our Friday's are pretty much a Fitz tradition that we missed out on the last few weeks due to various engagements and we were so happy to have them back! Steph and the kids came over after lunch and the kids swam and snacked and played hard. Matt did homemade pizzas for dinner, always a big hit. Afterwards we took to the backyard again for the kids to run around and just be kids. Even Dom! I'm making such strides what can I say?
Saturday morning started early for the men in my life with Dom up before 5 and David before 7. After I ran I took the bigger kids to my parent's to visit with my Grammy again while Matt and Dom napped. Around lunch time my sister and her family came over to sit with the kids while Matt and I went on a day date, more on that later of course. We then spent an afternoon on the deck and the boys slept again...followed by a dinner with Matt's brother and his family.

Sunday we did stuff around the house in the morning before yet another pool afternoon with my sister and her family (with Letty working on her equations, which is a common activity for her), followed by taco night! These long summer weekends aren't good for my waistline but they sure are good for a fun time! And we are most definitely without a shadow of a doubt getting our money's worth out of that there pool. We just love it so!

What about you? How was your weekend?

I'm linking up with Biana today, weekending legitimate style! Thanks for hosting!