our fourth

I know I know, old news right? Where have you been Laurie it's already the 12th? It is what it is, you know? Our Fourth started out real early with a 4:22 wake up call from Sir Dominic himself which resulted in Matt and Dom napping by 9. I took the big kids on some errands here and there just to get them out of the house. We just relaxed. Preparing for the Greek Fourth that happens in the evening. It's very Greek, you know. It's been several years now that we've been going to my parent's neighbor's house for their annual party, maybe missing one in the past four. There are a ton of people, food, and good drinks all capped off with a backyard fireworks display. 

This year as with a lot of people we got rained on. Lots and lots of rain. Whenever there was a lull in said rain we all ran outside to let the kids burn some energy, and as it neared dusk, sparklers. We all huddled under umbrellas for the legit display around 9 before heading home wet and tired to our warm beds.
Let's hope next year is a gorgeous warm and dry night, ok? And thank you so much to our hosts for including us in on their event each year! And thanks to my sister-in-law for some updated awesome family photos of course!

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