letty and kindergarten meet and greet

This past Tuesday morning, full of butterflies and a big ball of nerves, we took Letty to meet her new kindergarten teacher. I know that we are just a little over four weeks away from her having to return to school... but I'm already up each morning just laying in bed worrying over things I can't help worrying over. For example... if she has a question or doesn't know where to go or what to do will she ask an adult? She knows not to get in anyone else's car, right? How will she know where to go from where I drop her off to her classroom? Why does she always look around to see what her classmates are doing first before following suit? Then I start thinking if I'm this worried and anxious imagine what is going on in her little mind and then I spiral into a downward pit of despair. All before 6 am, mind you.

And so yeah, I get it. This is nothing. This is exciting and new and what an adventure! But it's my first time just like it's her first time. And I know that I'm so very lucky to be here and have her and it's amazing she's healthy and smart and getting to experience what she's experiencing. And I also know that I'm just getting started here. The bigger the kid the bigger the problems, yes, yes, I know. But sometimes I just like to wallow in these sad feelings a bit you know? 

Okay so back to Tuesday. She told me she was scared. I resisted my urge to tell her she never ever ever had to go and she could just stay safe and sound inside our house and I would teach her myself.... Instead I told her I know she's nervous and it's okay to be, but that it's also so exciting! That she has a wonderful teacher and she's going to make all kinds of friends! And that I don't know what to expect either but that we would do it together. And that's how we got to stand in front of my old middle school, walking the halls, peeking in the darkened classrooms on our way to the library. Which incidentally is still the only air-conditioned room in the place. I can't wait for her elementary school to be finished! Anyways we watched a Winnie the Pooh video all about safety on the bus, and then the principal took them out on the bus. I didn't get to watch! Which I get, I mean they don't need thirty parents stopping each child to get a photo before boarding but, her first school bus ride! I missed it! 
She came back quite happy with her ride and then we went out to the playground to meet her teacher and have an ice pop. She's no fool! She knows the way to her student's hearts! I've heard nothing but glowing reviews about Letty's teacher and she just seems to be a genuinely nice and sweet woman. She introduced herself and said something along the lines of your children are a treasure and it's such a joy to teach kindergartners so on and so forth. So, I like her. And she's an artist. So I really like that even more because Letty's favorite things are artsy crafty type things. 
It was a nice toe dip into the kindergarten world, meeting the teacher and seeing some of her classmates. Not just for her but for me as well. I know a few of the other parents of kids in her class and that makes me feel better too. I handed in all my volunteer paperwork and I've marked my calendar with what felt like hundreds of volunteer opportunities and I'm plugged in. I'm ready. PTO mom? Coming from a general non-participator that's all sorts of ironic but yeah, I just may be. 

Anything to hover around my eldest, right? Anyone know what a Room Mom is? It's a thing, apparently.