kilgore falls, a second time around

Yes, we have done this hike once before, and it was our very first hike coincidentally! It was definitely something to see and experience, so why not go again? Now that our children are hiking "pros" as it were? We also got my sister-in-law and our niece Mikayla on board as well. I just love when other mothers are as crazy as I am for these adventures!

The drive down was pretty bad as Mikayla suffers from car sickness like her father before her. And believe me, when Rob got sick we all suffered. As the story goes on one of my birthdays (the one when I was finally able to pierce my ears) we were headed towards the mall and my mother told Rob to just puke out the window because she wasn't pulling over.... not realizing that the back window was open. Can you imagine? So yeah, I've been puked on by my brother in a car on my birthday on the way to get my dream of pierced ears to come true.... that's a story for you right there. Or how about the six bucks I would get paid for washing the outside of the vehicle then upon return from said road trip? Six. Whole. Dollars. 


Anyways once we arrived and Ashley cleaned her up and changed her as best she could we headed off into the woods towards the falls. The walk is quite short... the only iffy part being the walk across the creek on wet rocks, but if you wore water shoes like Ashley did it's no big thing at all. I didn't even get my feet wet though soo... score.

The kids got to splash around and run around in the water for bit, just loving the fact that I was letting them do that. Dom was his typical daredevil self. That kid just runs face first into water with abandon. It's petrifying and exhausting. After some time of this we told the kids we were going to walk up to see the top of the falls... which was okay. Not as cool as seeing it from the bottom that's for sure.

So Kilgore Falls? We came. We saw. We conquered. And we took a slightly less scenic route home that I am happy to report did not make my niece vomit. The poor thing.



  1. Oh man, car sickness. That's just no fun =( esp when it involves some legit barf. I always got car sick so I just slept anytime we got in the car, but I never needed to throw up. So fun to go play in the fall afterwards though!

  2. omg poor M. and your story about rob - that cracked me up. bc it's over now and it's funny plus you tell funny stories. although i feel like i have heard before. ANYWAY. that place looks gorg. take me there? ok i'll be right over :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Dramamine children's chewable tablets, non-drowsy are the only way we made it through our road trip with Avalon. All my kids went through the car sickness thing, thankfully the boys have it under control, but poor Avalon. Now I stock up on those magical tablets and keep some in the car, my purse, where ever! LOL! And damn, I miss hiking!!

  4. OMG I can't even handle that ear piercing story! But this hike looks heavenly and go you for being an adventurous mama!

  5. Kilgore Falls is beautiful! That water looks so refreshing. I bet my boys and I could spend an entire day there, just hanging out and taking in the gorgeousness! Beautiful pictures!

  6. wow, such absolutely stunning scenery!!! and bless her baby heart, what a miserable time being car sick. although your story does make for a prettyyyy darn good tale at this point!! although i'm sure it was completely horrible at the time! also, dom's tan is better than any tan i have ever seen, basically. and letty has your amazing calves. that is all. :)

  7. Poor mikalya. :( and wow I never heard that story before about Rob lol. So did you still get your ears pierced that day? Haha. Great pictures! Looks like a great hike. Maybe when my kids are older!

  8. This is a great share. Thank you so much


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