how we do poolside

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fourth of July! I can't believe it is already here and gone but... there you have it. Matt tells me I need to stop dwelling on the fact that summer is almost over because well, we do still have a little shy of two months till Letty goes back to school... but seeing as her back to school will be 7 am something to 2 pm something Monday thru Friday well... You can see my dilemma. Anyways. Need to see a Buddhist about it.

A pool day! On a Friday! With almost all of my siblings! Okay, technically only one of my siblings but I count my sister-in-law and brother-in-law as siblings, as one should. Matt had a slow day at work just popping in and out of his office as need be and so a pool day it was. My sister brought over her kiddie pool so the young ones would have a safe zone sans big kids to retreat to if need be. Although they greatly preferred the larger and more dangerous (to them) pool. We ate our weight in all manner of deliciousness and drank our drinks and soaked up the intermittent sun and just sat in awe of the fact that all the thunderstorms came towards our town and decided we were having just too much fun to rain on us and so they split and went right on by... The babies went down for their naps (three at once!) and we started a fire.... had smores.... And all plotted about how we need to get either a) my parents to put in a pool at their house or ii) we put in an above ground pool at our house. Which one is more likely? Any takers?
Around 3:45 having retreated to the deck, Beth and Ashley and I got a text from my parents saying we would be leaving for the parade at 4:30.... and I have to say we are sort of a big deal. We got the big kids out of the pool and dried off, the deck cleaned up, toys put away, babies woken and changed and dressed, ourselves changed and dressed and were all in our respective vehicles waiting for my parents just a quick 45 minutes later. Like I said. Baller status.

Pool days. Let's just keep them coming, yeah?



  1. 45 minutes? i'm sweating just thinking about that. haha. looks like a fantastic day indeed! and your parents need a pool i agree. just tell them it's a reason for you guys to come over EVEN more :) hehe. i could use a pool right now in these 100+ degree heat we are having. NO thank you

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Inground pool at your parnts is the obvious choice!
    These pool days look like so much fun!!! I feel like if I took pictures of pool days with my kids and nieces it would just include lots of crying, crazy hair, missing bathing suits, etc.

  3. I am so not ready for the school schedule again!! Crying about it actually. Ha! But man, pool days at your house sound amazing! Kids in different pool and everything. Love it!

  4. All that food looks amazing! Summer is going by too fast I agree :(

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    1. Many of us ingested each of our body weight to all manner of deliciousness along with drank each of our products along with consumed your sporadic sun's rays and lay throughout amaze that the the many thunderstorms came up in direction of each of our area along with determined many of us ended up obtaining only excessive exciting for you to rainwater in people and break up.
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