el lititz parade-o

Each year with the cooperation of the weather we all head to the lovely town of Lititz for their annual Fourth of July parade. It's a chance to feel all sorts of festive, clap for the military, and for my kids to restock their candy drawer. 

We arrive early, because we are Trovato's and that is just what we do. This year about an hour and forty-five minutes early. We saved our regular spot... and wandered over to Nino's for their delicious pizza. Which we over-ordered this year. Note to self, if ordering several orders of mozzarella sticks and and two meatball subs on top of three pies you'll have a lot of extra.

Fully full, we walked back to our spot to just stand and wait until the parade began. Lots of rounds of how many minutes left and I want candy were heard. It's really a dog eat dog world out there you know? You gotta be on your toes in this game if you want to get any candy. Kids will literally grab it from beneath your fingers. Mothers will elbow you aside for a tootsie roll. I'm only slightly exaggerating. It was dangerous. 
My kid's bags fully stocked we headed home, clapping and cheering out.

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