david picked a berry!

He finally did it! Plucked a piece of fruit right off a bush! Now, did he so much as try even a lick of said berry? No. No he did not. If you follow me on Snapchat (lolsen883) than you probably witnessed his antics first hand. He's just a mess. Anyways. 

We had a few free hours the other morning and I have been watching our local farm's website about the ripening dates and well... it was like now or never kind of thing. I wasn't alone either. The parking lot was the fullest I've seen it. Gotta pick those berries while they're hot! And man was it ever! The blueberry bushes are down in a valley and to make it worse they are covered in a white net that is practically suffocating. So it would figure that when David finally decides to help out a bit it's too hot to continue on. So we picked about a quart and headed on our way. 
For some reason we skipped this last summer but here is two summer's ago.