On the chalkboard: Normally I'd be working on a birthday "stats" board for Letty's 6th but as we won't be celebrating at home there just isn't much of a point? Which is sad seeing as I have done one for her since the beginning... Maybe I'll just have to do one anyways?But for now...
Reading: I live by the firm rule to only read one book at a time but lately I've been cheating. Big time. I started Born to Run.... After starting Game of Thrones... And now I'm firmly planted into Written in My Own Heart's Blood. After the devastating end to the second season of Outlander I needed more Claire and Jamie. 
Watching with Matt: I already told you Outlander ended. I have made him watch the finale about three times and I think that's two more times than is acceptable to him but there you have it. We watch tv normally throughout the week, minus Wednesday nights which is when we rent a movie and go down into the theater and watch it like big people. Last week's was Allegiant. Which I can't even tell you how much I hated it. Other than Four. Everyone could use more Four. Wink wink.
Eating: Far too much. That's a thing. Mainly if there is a block of sharp cheddar and pretzels and honey mustard in the house I am dead. Just done. New eating habits be damned. The pepperonis pictured are Matt's, I don't do that.
Drinking: Not enough water that's what! I was doing so well there for a bit... My dad got us a few peaches a few weeks back and we ended up freezing them and using them as ice cubes for our wine sooooo.... That's what I've been drinking instead.
Planning: On letting Letty have a big girl sleepover with her Avery as her birthday "thing". We decided after age five we wouldn't do a big party anymore and what with us being away we thought she could have a sleepover and then maybe I'll take the girls to get their nails done or something. Getting real fancy. Now if only Letty would officially stop biting her nails. Meanwhile on her actual birthday we will be celebrating Star Wars style on our vacation...
Thinking about: The massive pack job that has to start occurring here shortly for our week at The Cape. Doesn't that just sound all kinds of pretentious? But I do need to start mentally preparing. As well as actually preparing. I saved my list from our recent trip to the beach figuring it couldn't hurt when I had to pack it all up again. Or am I just that nuts?
Watching on treadmill: I should be embarrassed to admit how often I've watched The Age of Adaline, but I'm not. It's just such a great movie. I don't know, it makes me happy. The history she has seen and lived through and just the way she carries herself. I love it. And I watch it all the time. Not every single day.... but like... Every third day. Which is a lot.
As I type this: The big kids are playing up in their rooms (which is a new development itself for David) and Dom is destroying the playroom while Matt makes us dinner. Living the queen life for sure!

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