and here is what we did this weekend.

We had a nice change of pace for us this past weekend. Lots of time with family and lots of pool usage and just sort of being home bodies. A chance to recharge a bit as it were. Our normal Friday Fitz time was rescheduled and we had other plans fall through at the last minute that just pretty much opened up our weekend. 
Our Friday started off with a super quick trip to Hersheypark where Dom officially rode his first ride without a parent. His impatience waiting for the ride to start seems to have left him and he happily enjoyed himself with his brother and sister and his cousins. We left by 11 or so and headed home where we all reconvened once more for our third weekly Trovato sibling pool day. We tried to lighten the fare making just salads.... I say "tried" because after adding cheese and croutons and ranch, well. Not so light. After an afternoon of relaxing and drinking we headed to my parent's for a BBQ. Different scene. Same bunch. And of course we brought out my brother's telescope he is loaning us whilst he traverses the continent of Europe...
Saturday morning we were up bright and early to head down to check out some waterfalls (more on that later) with my sister-in-law. Once home we yet again headed out back to play in the pool and soak up some sun. After dinner we met my family once more at the local ice cream place for a cone or four. Dom lost his mind after only napping for an hour earlier that day so we headed out shortly after finishing the cones. We let the bigger kids stay up late to catch fireflies and sit around the fire and sunset watch. Just a wonderful summer night that summer memories are made of. I should probably let them do that more often... You know, let kids be kids and go to bed with their hair smelling of chlorine and their feet dirty from the chase and that sort of thing. David had never caught a firefly until Saturday, so shame on us. And they really genuinely loved it. Being young and free...
Sunday we all headed to That Fish Place for their Kids Day which turned out to be a total bust. Too many people and not enough space. It was disappointing. We checked out the fish (Nemo and Dory oh my!) and then left. Of course we would have had Chinese back at my brother's had the place been open... Or had Matt brought his laptop because he was on call and of course got paged. We settled with a third pool day in a row back home. And what a hot one it was. Matt took a nap on the deck and the big kids and I played a crocodile game in the pool while Dom slept. Which is an ingenious game of basically submerging everything under water but your face and moving as slowly and as quietly as possible lest the croc hunter find you. It's perfect. No splashing. No noise. 

Then we headed back to my parent's (yeah we need to just build an enormous compound or commune we are together so much) so we could have dinner with my Grammy, who has moved in with my mother for a week while my aunt vacations. She's 92 and needs pretty much 24/7 Grammy-sitting. As we are more than happy to do! It'll be nice tomorrow to have our weekly Monday Grammy visit being at my parent's house. A nice change! After dinner we took the kids out and explored Nonna's gardens and the cornfields before heading home to bed.

We rounded out our evening with some Real Housewives of NJ followed shortly by Twilight. I've got a catch of a man for a husband what can I say!

So it's my first time, but I'm linking up with Biana today, weekending legitimate style! Thanks for hosting!