a trail. a river. and a dam good time.

Here I go again with my cockamamie ideas (don't you just love those?). This one involved driving an hour down into Maryland to walk along a rail trail that follows the Susquehanna River north to the Conowingo Dam. In addition to all that, as if that wasn't enough, we partied hard the night before at David's party... One too many glasses of wine and not enough food, you know? I got us a Dunkin to start off the morning but then Matt also needed some McDonald's to seal the deal before our drive down... Shame on us...

I knew we wouldn't make the whole trail. That trail being the Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway Trail for you locals (and don't park where that link tells you to unless you want to pay $4. There is a free parking area right by the bridge). Two and a half miles is fine and all but having to walk it back to the car wouldn't have happened. I figured I'd walk until I thought the little legs of the group would have enough and then turn heel. We wandered along and investigated the river and the mill from the 1700's before turning back to the car. Speaking of that very old mill? Notice how you can see a plane flying above it in that one photo? Sort of all kinds of weird if you think about the time when that structure was built and all. I bet those people never fathomed what that building would witness through the years. People flying in the sky?? Anyways! We then drove the 2.5 miles to the dam to sit and have our lunch and people watch. People watch people who were bird watching. And fishing. All types down there for sure. Like the last photo? That was someone's home. Mailbox and shoes kicked off outside and everything. All God's children. All God's children...

And that's all for the dam tour. Does anyone have any dam questions?



  1. beautiful you have an amazing family and I think your babies are very happy

  2. Now that's a house. Is that a little grill out front too?
    Love the old mill! Chris' parents live down the road from an old quarry so that is pretty neat.

  3. lol dam tour. DAM. i love the old mill and dam. and your dam children. i mean. no. that's not right. your perfect kids. hehe. i am obsessed with all the hikes!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Haha, love the dam title of this post. And I love all of the photos. There are so many great places to adventure to around you!

  5. ahh so beautiful!! matt standing out near the water, letty in front of the old stones!! so gorgeous. your fam is so sweet. i want to jump right in!

  6. Okay that t-rex shirt is awesome haah

  7. Love the old mill and David's shirt! Another great family excursion. You say 1700's and you know where my mind automatically goes. haha

  8. I love how the east coast is where it's realistic to make a day trip to another state! A little road trip through there is definitely on our bucket list!

  9. This looks fun! Wow that house! Haha

  10. This is a great share. Thank you so much


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