a hot wheelin' fourth birthday party

Over the weekend my family and friends that are like family gathered together to celebrate our middle child turning the big f-o-u-r. He chose a Hot Wheels theme this year. It's quite easy to decorate when your child chooses a theme that also happens to be one of his favorite toys. Makes sense to me!

Matt made his homemade bread and lasagna for the group and my parents picked up the cake from the Lititz Cupboard just like every other year because we just love their cakes... And as always my sister-in-law brought her lovely camera and captured the moments so well, as she does best! 

Come gift time David was quite the little embarrassment when he tore through each gift looking for only the "Fireman Blaze" gift he asked for. Thankfully my sister and her husband picked it up for him. Imagine the show if he didn't get it!? But he does love all his gifts! He got a Thomas Jungle Train, a few books, a T-Rex t-shirt that's quite fun, headphones for his iPad, binoculars, a rocket launcher and of course the cards to further his education down the road. Thank you to everyone for always being so generous and good to our kids (and to us) despite his lackluster gift opening performance. 

We sang and we ate and we just had an all-in-all good time. I remembered to get a photo of the birthday boy with every single person present! That's a first! And I of course recreated the photo taken two years ago of four bellies, just like I did last year, I'm a sucker for traditions what can I say! And I'm going to love seeing those babies grow through the years side by side like that. I love this family of mine and I love all the noise and laughter that happens when all are gathered! 

And now for the most gigantic photo bomb ever!

David's third birthday party here. Second here. First here



  1. i think i spent like 10 minutes staring at photos. not because too many but because so sweet! aw my sweet david :) such a fun birthday party! all the wine. all the kids. all the food. done and done

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. It's amazing how baby he looks next to his big sister no matter how old he gets. I'm guessing that will go away when they all turn into those lanky preteen types....eek. Love his face looking at his cake in one of those pics in the middle up there. So cute.

  3. How fun!! I love the hot wheels in the mason jars! What a cute idea.

  4. I can hardly believe he's 4 already! Love the theme. It is awesome that it made it so easy to decorate. Another successful party!

  5. oh my gosh! what an amazing party. seriously looks like a great time. that cake looks tasty!

  6. Love it! I know I've said this to you before but what a blessing to have such a big family and all close enough to celebrate these milestones! Whenever you post pics of your family gatherings it makes me miss my loud Italian Brazilian family! <3

  7. this party is perfect!!!!! happy big boy birthday, handsome david!!! gosh, 4 is so grown up!!!! and look at your sweet fam. i need my siblings to grow up and bear me some nieces and nephews already!!


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