a day in the life

Annnnd this was two days ago. A Wednesday. A day where I have four kids ( I watch my niece every Wednesday). All to my onesie. With Matt flitting in and out as his work sees fit that day. So while it's not a normal day in the life it's a (sort of) normal Wednesday for me.

6:00 am: As this is a Lena day I make sure to get up extra early so I'm ready for her arrival. I get my run and arm work out done before anyone in the house even wakes. 
7:00 am: Work out done I shower and get dressed before Lena comes at 7:30. I've been super thirsty lately after my work outs so one glass of water is not enough. Two is alright. Three is best but you know, two hands. Dom wakes up just as I'm done getting ready and Letty is in bed watching her iPad. 
8:00 am: My first coffee of the day is ingested and David stumbles down carrying his iPad and three monster trucks he sleeps with each night. And it's breakfast time for the little ones! Pancakes all around with a side of strawberries for Miss Letty. All the sheets are off the beds and in the washer because on Wednesdays I wash all the sheets.
9:00 am: We went for a really long walk around the development since it was such a beautiful morning. On the way back we ran into Letty's friend's dad who offered to take Letty and have her play with her friend. Which set David down a spiral so then he traded Letty for his son who played with David then. As if my day wasn't busy enough. Ha!
10:00 am: For a few brief minutes the boys were playing in the play room and the younger two were sucked into Daniel Tiger. It was short lived because Lena decided she was going to be a big girl! It was so cute watching her follow the boys around playing trucks and trains just like they were. 
11:00 am: Lunch prep starting off with some milk refills all around. Matt took David's friend home and traded him for Letty and at this point my sister-in-law Holly and her two kids arrived. I took the younger two kids upstairs to make all the beds while Holly dealt with her two... the eldest of which doesn't seem too thrilled with us. We are a bit much. Lunch was hectic. But we survived. Matt threw a pizza in for the boys and Lena, Letty got herself a grilled cheese because her daddy is a short-order cook. We are just all so spoiled by Matt and the flexibility his job gives him!
12:00 pm: All changed into swimsuits and sun screened up we headed out for pool and water table time. Which really isn't as crazy as it may sound. The big kids play in the pool and love their life while the babies are trapped on a gated deck and splash around. 
1:00 pm: The three young ones all went to their separate corners of the house for nap time while the outdoor time continued for the older ones. While Holly got Syd situated I got a rare moment of baby holding time... He still has that baby smell!
2:00 pm: Still outside. We were just sitting there minding our own business when someone started playing a guitar and singing a few houses down over my shoulder there. It sort of cracked me up but when he stopped I was like hey. Keep it up its adding to this whole relaxing afternoon vibe we've got going on here.
3:00 pm: Matt made us margaritas. With our frozen strawberry stash. Life is hard. The kids are still in the pool. David decided to go under the water for the first time in his life, nose pinched and all.
4:00 pm: I'm feeling crispy but yet here we are. Still outside. Dom got up around 3:30 and Lena followed shortly before 4. My sister gets off work and picks her up by 4:30. The kids are turning into fish. Dom has decided that water tables are for sitting in and so Matt and I discuss the need for getting a kiddie pool so I don't have to worry about my blood pressure and the bigger pool with him.
5:00 pm: We have finally gotten out of the backyard and dried off and dressed and headed off to my parent's house for Chinese and family time! They finished their basement so we could all gather there and still have standing room and I mean these tables.... the more the merrier right?
6:00 pm: Seriously I can't even with this stuff. I always over eat. And then I'm dying of thirst all night long. But it's my favorite. So we all ate. Like a lot. Dom houses the broccoli and this rice as well as some of the big kid's "dippy chicken" otherwise known to the general world as Sweet and Sour Chicken, which is their favorite.
7:00 pm: After stuffing our faces and cleaning up after dinner we head out for some backyard time. I took some kids on a brief walk and there was lots of ball play. And Rob complaining that it was "Africa hot."
8:00 pm: It's workout time number two! Followed by a shower of course because this day has been long and hot! The kids got the fastest tub ever when we got home from my parent's and were put promptly to bed only a little past their normal 7:30 bed time. Although as of lately, not so strict.
9:00 pm: All so fresh and so clean and now we settle down in the basement for our weekly projector movie night. This year is 13 Hours. Matt's choice, naturally, as I have no idea what movies are out these days.
10:00 pm: This is a really long movie. At some point we stop for refills and a bathroom break... I feel like Michael Bay is just oozing from this film. All about that Bay.
11:00 pm: And then I started to fall asleep. So I didn't get to see the end but Matt said it was good. He cried. Typical. Sorry these last three look the same but I literally did not move for almost three hours. Ha!
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