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a day date with pinkblush


I'm not one to leave my kids. It takes a lot to drag me away from them in fact. We probably get a babysitter (meaning my mother or sister) maybe twice a year. It's a combination of the fact that we just really love our kids, we don't want to burden anyone with three crazies, and Matt works from home so we are very lucky in that we see each other quite often. But on last Saturday my sister offered to come over with my brother-in-law Colton and Lena and watch the kids for a few hours while we got to go out and relax. It made me anxious... but I did it. And I am so thankful for them for doing that for us!!
We went to the lovely town of Lititz and walked around a bit... We had lunch at the Appalachian Brewing Company followed by drinks at the Bulls Head. We still ate our meals and drank our drinks as though the devil himself was chasing us, but as anyone with small children knows that is a hard habit to break. It was such a nice thing though! We actually want to do it more often actually. I mean we were only gone an hour and a half and we were just sooooo relaxed! Nobody needed their butt wiped or a sippy refilled. We found ourselves sort of spacing out and just enjoying the silence and the peace... so clearly... maybe once a quarter is a good goal for a day date? What do you say Sauders? We take turns? Oh and I loved the name of the beer I got at ABC... It was a Jolly Scot. So naturally I thought of Jamie and Matt snickered at me. He loves me just the way I am, what can I say??
We need to talk about this dress though! Since having Dominic and losing all that baby weight times three I've been sort of reassessing things wardrobe wise. Things can't itch, which is really nothing new but I'm even more into softer fabrics. I like flowy things mostly because of all that extra skin I'm carrying around the midsection. I don't like cleave. No cleave. And I don't really have a favorite strapless bra. Point in fact I HATE all strapless bras and prefer sports bras. Anyways enough bra talk. I like thicker straps on the top is what I'm saying. Which means most of my dresses from my younger days no longer work for me.

Enter PinkBlush. When they contacted me to choose an item I was very literally tickled pink. I pretty much wanted one of everything and narrowing it down took hours. I finally chose this Colorblock Maxi Dress which is the best, most comfortable and flowy maxi ever. I love how soft and long it is! And that high waist and vertical color blocks do wonders to camouflage a little post-baby belly. In my opinion. I never am able to do the whole heels and maxi thing but with this one I totally could if I wanted too. Added perk.
PinkBlush has been so generous as to offer one of my reader's a $50 e-gift card so you too can enjoy their comfortable stylishness (unless you've won one of these in the past three months, then you aren't eligible, sorry!). And hey! Even if you're pregnant they have fabulous maternity dresses too! Or pieces that can transition from belly to post belly. Which the dress I chose would be perfect for, should a freaking Christmas miracle occur and a fourth Olsen child come. Don't worry mom, that ship has sailed.


  1. I love pink blush! My two favorite maternity dresses I have are from there :)
    You looked very pretty! Is that Matt eating soup in 90 degree weather? Totally start doing it more often! Even if you see him often because of his work, it's nice to have the quiet! ;):):)

  2. A day date! fancy =) I'm not sure we've ever done that...unless going to a wedding counts. Loving your dress! It's such a perfect maxi. I have a maxi from them and find it to be a bit thin. Showing off some lines thin. Have any woes with that?

  3. I’m so right there with you! I hate leaving Mason for any amount of time. Nathan and I like our kid and like being around him. But, date nights are fun every once in a while. How sweet of your sister to offer to watch your kids for a bit! I am loving that dress, lady. Looks great on you and the colors are absolutely perfect. What a fun place to eat. I love that they brand their burgers.
    PS – strapless bras are the devil.

  4. Ha! We have date night about once a year....so I get it. Although Chris and I would like to do it more often, but he is never home. LOL

  5. Love the day date and the dress!! It is a good habit to start, but next time aim for two hours of peace. ��

  6. Yes!! Who doesn't love their kids?? But, an occasional date is good for the soul!! :) I love that dress, too. Looking good, mama!

  7. oh yes to abc! i feel like it was just yesterday we went there to take photos when you were pregnant with david. memoriessssss. that dress is gorg on you. you should def do dates as often as possible. is so lovely :)

  8. oh that dress is gorgeous on you!
    no lie, if i went somewhere and i saw a beer called jolly scot i would get it just because of jamie. hahahaha.

  9. I'm in love with their maxis and kimonos!!! So dreamy!

  10. ahhh beauty!!!! this is SO fun that you guys finally caught a smidge of time away. i mean, i'm exaaaactly like you i that manner... i hate leaving my kiddos! literally. head to toe anxiety. i love them and need to have control over their safety and also hate dropping them on anyone else. but still!!! a little break is nice. :) and that town just looks like the cutest. and pink blush!!! oh, i always love all of their dresses!!!! sooo hard to choose between a floral maxi... or ahhh, the lacey bell sleeve number!!!! i need a few of these. :)


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