thomas is a very useful engine.

It wouldn't be June without a visit from Thomas! And as tradition dictates we head there each June with our old neighbor loves to pay our respects. I think this was the first year where it was actually a pleasant visit from start to end. Normally David loses his literal mind in Strasburg and cannot be reasoned with. Last year Steph carried him out kicking and screaming....So.... I did not have high hopes. I actually threatened to never ever I mean never return to Strasburg again if he pulled another stunt like that. 

I was in no rush. That's the key with David, I think. Let him take his time and check it all out. Lately I've been trying to adopt the Fitz motto of "go with the flow and don't sweat the small stuff" and it may have just worked. We stood in that train table tent for probably an hour (which was actually perfect because then Steph and I got to have an actual conversation rather than chasing after five different kids in five different directions)... Then we slowly meandered over to the stage where the kids played musical instruments and Avery got back up on stage and sang and sang. And sang. That girl has the best confidence I'll tell you. Letty and David actually joined her, minus the singing. After just letting those kids have their fun we slowly walked over to get their annual tattoos and then sloooowly wandered out to see Thomas and Percy (pronounced like a certain slang term if you know what I mean). We watched. We waved. Liam called out "I love you Thomas!" and then we left, having a picnic lunch back under the tent. 
And we were able to leave without so much as a single tear. Probably because Aunt Steph said the words "our house" and "bounce house" and "water table". That Aunt Steph. She knows what she's doing....

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