the pool is back once more

It's not much, this little inflatable pool, but in the summer it's our best buddy. To quote my son. All of us get some use out of it practically every single day, weather permitting. We go to sleep smelling of chlorine and sunscreen and summer just resonates from that I think. The joyous noise that comes with having a pool is unparalleled. Granted, floating around with a drink in hand with nothing but Sublime Pandora radio on would be ideal once in a great while... but for the majority of our days this will be it. Splashes and squeals, lots of mom look at me! and a whole lot of fun for us all. 

And so after many months of sitting in cold dark silence in our basement storage we brought the pool back out into the sun once more over Memorial Day Weekend.... and then realized she needed to be patched and some new filters and well... might as well replace her completely because she's sort of cheap. She's a lady don't get me wrong. But she's cheap. And so we said our goodbye to the original blue pool that lasted us two summers and hello to the new. Which looks exactly the same.

That Puddle Jumper won't stay on him forever though... so while we are having all this fun we will work on his swimming too, yes? Whaley can come along for the ride. It's his third summer. And David has not forgotten him. Dominic is going to be a bit of a conundrum (he was napping when these photos were taken...). He doesn't like the infant float thing. He doesn't like any number of vests or any other such flotation devices. He wants to stand. Which he can do, the water reaches the middle of his rib cage... but he's unsteady in all that water with his siblings tearing around... so... It will take time. Which I think it always does with the young ones. I could say by next summer he will be the one in the Puddle Jumper and I'll have two swimmers instead of one but then I'd start to get teary eyed so let's pretend I didn't even mention it.
Pool here. Puddle Jumper here. Kid's inner tubes here.